May 21, 2024


Banality is below the fold. As compensation here is a cute draph girl. 

Granblue Fantasy's Narmaya cosplaying as Genshin Impact's Ganyu is by Nemuaki. 

I just did yard work for the first time in almost 2 months. I've been ill most of that time (and in hospital or bed for the last two weeks). I got the yard 3/4 finished when the lawn mower died. 


OTOH none of my wounds opened and I'm still scheduled to start back to work at 03:30 tomorrow.  If the grass cutting had gone without incident it probably would have been a sign of the end-times. SO REJOICE EVERYBODY!

I am still having issues loading images into the blog but i have a work around now.

I type a post, in part or in full and save it. Then I attempt to upload an image. The Blog logs me out at that point and I loose everything that was not saved to draft. I the log in again and the image...ONE image....can be loaded. Loading another image causes the process to repeat. This is tedious but I can do it and neurotically saving every few minutes if probably a good habit to be in anyway. 

As noted above I start back to work at 03:30 tomorrow morning. I've been out for over two weeks and need to get back because my cash flow is getting dicey....and I I'm in the ballpark of not having a good year for retirement.

Sepsis SUX! 

OTOH I actually AM feeling much better than I have in months, though the exercise curve of going back to a blue collar job promises to be rather rough. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and read my intermittent ramblings over the last few months. I cannot tell you how gratifying it was to see comments from actual sentient, intelligent people (as oppose to bots shilling Bangalore Whores & CBD oil) .


Blogging will resume shortly. 

After a futile 2 hours derping with the lawn mower I got a shower cleaned the house a bit and took out the trash...because tomorrow is trash day. As I walked into the house I glared at the broken lawnmower and just pulled the start started effortlessly with one pull. Unable to risk letting go of the safety handle, I cut the yard in the slippers I was wearing so as not to aggro the city yard police. I just got out of the shower a second time but the grass-lot Po-Po have nothing on me. This means everything has worked out for me today...

Everybody be careful and stay safe.

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1 My lawnmover lasted from 2001 till 2019, and was probably still going strong. No surging, no hard starts, no nothing, while every neighbor had issues. The only problem was that the fuel tank was incompatible with ethanol. But I discarded it when I went electric.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Tue May 21 15:42:45 2024 (LZ7Bg)

2 I wonder if the blog image problem you're having is related to a browser that's got too much privacy stuff enabled?  FF has a fit trying to upload images to Instapundit comment threads, for example, unless you dial back the settings a bit for that site.

Posted by: Rick C at Wed May 22 10:42:27 2024 (BMUHC)

3 Sepsis is bad. But I had an almost-stroke last week. And the hospital left me worse off than when I arrived. but at least I was cleared. TIA, not a stroke.

Posted by: Mauser at Wed May 22 19:35:23 2024 (nk1Z+)

4 GOOD LORD! Mauser. Are you OK? TIA s are terrifying and can be a symptom of bad things. 
How are you now? 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Thu May 23 18:16:06 2024 (3NtfN)

5 CT Scan and MRI are clear. Echocardiogram with bubble test and chest X-Ray are good. Took two nights in the most uncomfortable automatic hospital bed ever to get them all done. Docs seemed more worried about my blood pressure and cholesterol than the TIA. Except instead of giving me my prescribed BP med which works great on me, they tried everything else, and Monday I started an allergic reaction that has now covered my entire body. Fortunately I got much better treatment for  that at the local branch of the Everett Clinic. (Did you know that Pepsid is an antihistamine? Did you know that combined with Zyrtec, it becomes a super anti-histamine? I do now, thanks to that doc, and I remain un-self-flensed because of it.)
The TIA itself on the 13th took the form of sudden vertigo in the morning, that continued to improve as the day went on, followed by my right eye becoming slow to get on target. That was disturbing, but again, seemed to be improving as the day wore on. I was fine the next morning, but everyone said I should go get checked, and that's when my hospital misadventure began.

I didn't think it was what it was at first because circumstances led me to have my BP meds too close together, which can make me feel awful, OTOH I also took some aspirin that night, which may have helped put the Transient in the Ischemic Attack. But it was dumb luck. I should have been out of there the moment something obviously neurological like my eye control was off. But I didn't have any of the other FACE symptoms.

Posted by: Mauser at Thu May 23 21:57:19 2024 (nk1Z+)

6 So how do you plan on preventing this TIA thing from reoccurring?

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Fri May 24 00:04:33 2024 (LZ7Bg)

7 @Mauser: The symptoms you are describing are similar to what I later found out were mini-strokes that I had leading up to the big one in 2021. Keep an eye on this CLOSE. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri May 24 19:04:35 2024 (3NtfN)

8 I have to lose weight, increase exercise in order to lower blood pressure and improve my cholesterol. And, apparently, take baby aspirin. I will avoid statins, however. As much as they push them, they can't be good. A friend of mine is a Hospice nurse, and she says 100% of her senile dementia patients have been on statins. Given my dad went through that, I'm not going to take that chance.

Posted by: Mauser at Fri May 24 23:40:28 2024 (nk1Z+)

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