July 05, 2017

Good News / Bad News

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Monday I went to the doctor for my first full physical in several years. Aside from my knee and slightly elevated blood pressure I was in remarkably good shape for a middle aged fatass. My labs all came back quite good. The blood pressure is a concern and I pick up a prescription for it tomorrow, but at least part of that is the fact that my knee was giving me a bit of trouble and a kidney stone (on the side not operated on) had decided to go on walkabout. Regarding my knee, the doctor is setting me up with an orthopedist and I should start PT next week.

This was very welcome news as it is becoming hard to bend at work.

Today was a particularly rough day at work, as we were catching up from being closed yesterday and a lot of people had scheduled holidays. In the midst of the nigh Christmas level of chaos a 50 pound box of paper reams fell on me from a height of about 8 feet, impacting the right side of my lower back. This forced me down onto my...knee. I was left with scrapes and bruises on my lower back and was horribly sore, but I did not feel particularly debilitated and was able to continue unloading the trailer. Later, on the way out of the building I managed to trip on a metal safety plate (because he foot would not raise as high as I thought it did.) It hurt like hell but I was in no way crippled....

Until I got home and tried to get out of the van. 

Oh lord. The knee had swollen. I managed to make my way into the house, got inside, got to the top of the stairs where I had the knee go out on me and my back spasm as I went down. As I laid there at he bottom of the stairs I contemplated that if this had happened 20 minutes earlier, at work, I would have been covered, my hospital bills paid for and minimum paychecks for the duration of the time that I'm out. 


So after crawling up the stairs to my room, I iced my knee, posted an angry screed, realized that I could not get into my shower or my bed and laid a blanket across the reclining char, elevated my knee and hoped it would get better. 14 hours later I can barely walk (with a cane) and am probably not going to work this morning. I have gotten a shower, which has improved my mood significantly.Since I've got an upcoming appointment with the orthopedist, I'm loathe tho go to the ER and spend that money on what they're going to be doing in short order. Tomorrow (later today actually) I'll find out when the appointment is. If its next week, I may have to hit the ER. 

I'm able to retire in four weeks. That does not seem likely now. 

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1 It seems to me that the injury happened at work even if the full extent of the damage was not clear until later.  You should talk to someone about that.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thu Jul 6 00:16:14 2017 (PiXy!)

2 Yup.  You had a box fall on you from 8 feet and it drove you to the ground.  Obviously the damage happened at work.
"if this had happened 20 minutes earlier, at work, I would have been covered"
Also, you have insurance that only works when you're at work?  I've never heard of such a thing.  Or were you talking about STD/LTD?

Posted by: Rick C at Thu Jul 6 12:27:46 2017 (ITnFO)

3 In Texas that would definitely be a workplace injury.

Posted by: Ben at Thu Jul 6 21:40:56 2017 (B1bvu)

4 Actually, the knee has been giving me trouble for some weeks. When I went to the doctor on Monday he mentioned a cortisone shot. I asked him to try to get the appointment with the orthopedist on Friday since that will put me down for a day. However, as Thursday was a possibility I let my employer know that I might be absent Friday because of treatment for a knee injury. 
This is pre-existing, not workmen's comp. The notion here is that since I decided to go to work injured I was technically working unsafe. That is an arguable point to be sure, but the whole 'falling down the stairs at home' part of the equation, which is what really bruised it badly, takes it right out of the running for WC. 
This morning, I was well enough to drive (with some difficulty) and went in to work to fill out an incident report. I also reiterated the safety concerns I had with a particular center violating policy loading reams of paper and mufflers on the top row of boxes in a trailer. If I need to be out for a week or more I'll get disability. This is not the 100% base pay plus 100% medical of WC but I've got my insurance and I'll get something. I am recovering though, more slowly than I'd like and I still have to go down the stairs backwards but I may be able to return to work as early as Monday. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Jul 7 04:33:09 2017 (KicmI)

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