January 28, 2014

Genre Savvy

Yes, actually, you CAN simply walk into Mordor...but why would you if you had better options?

 Log Horizon did not pique my interest one iota. The show concerns people trapped in a video game, which is a dumb concept and a genre that aside from the interesting but uneven Sword Art Online has generally stunk on ice. Upon closer observation it exhibits additional warning signs.  The theme song is a bunch of screaming and the very first word uttered in the series is "Electric Fuzz!". Suffice it to say, confidence was not high.

However, I have been informed by a certifiable genius that this show is worthy, so I sat down and watched a bit...

That was 3 and a half hours ago,  and it occurs to me that I really need to get to bed, but I don't wanna, 'cause golly this show is interesting.

How our characters got into this unlikely pickle is unclear...especially to them. Indeed given how Hobbsian their world quickly becomes, one might almost think that this is in fact the level of hell that gamers and NEETS are consigned to...if it were not for the idealism and decency that the protagonists exhibit. 

Deftly blending fantasy and post-apocalyptic fiction as well as  RPG and video game tropes ,Log Horizon is a show about the importance of a sense of wonder, ethics, hope and...civics. 6 episodes in it is a show that is unexpectedly good and shows great promise.

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1 Heh, heh. It gets better. And when you catch up, you'll have a great Saturday morning cartoon simulcast (7:30 EST) to follow on Crunchyroll.

I like the little spirit faces on the Light spells. There are a lot of little features like that.

You can also look into the vast quantities of light novel (the original source) and manga material that have been adapted into the show; the fan translations aren't superduper in some cases, but the added material adds a lot of flavor. (And foreshadowing, and spoilers.) There's also a really good (and really spoilerrific) set of fan wikis and TV Tropes pages.

However, with the amazingly deft and powerful way the anime has adapted all this material, and with the large number of eps already available to watch, I really think that resisting spoilers is a good idea. (I couldn't stand the wait anymore after ep 12 or so, and read the fan translated novels, so I did experience events in order. But I'm a bit sorry that I'm watching the anime as if it were my second viewing of events instead of getting the full impact new.)

The downside is that you too will find yourself singing "Database, database" or lines from "My Song." They really are earworms!

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Tue Jan 28 07:08:07 2014 (cvXSV)

It gets better.

Oh my yes it does.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Tue Jan 28 18:41:41 2014 (DnAJl)

3 Reminds me of Dragon Age, where you can keep pestering one of the older mages to tell you a story with griffins in it.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Jan 28 20:45:42 2014 (2yngH)

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