May 11, 2009

General Banality Status

Still no word on Mom.
She was supposed to go into the hospital for the full biopsy just over 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, she took an aspirin before the appointment which would have invalidated the it was rescheduled. We should know something this Thursday. Dad and I have, of course, secured the aspirin. She has seen a cardiologist and her heart issues are not directly heart related(!?). Rather they are due to inflammation around the heart. Whether this is simple inflammation or actual cancer pressing against her heart we wont know till Thursday. I would think that if it was just an infection they would have caught it, but then I'm not a doctor.

All other issues are fairly trivial by comparison.

School is out....kinda....
I utterly BOMBED my oral Japanese test.
I mean I had a total brain fart.
I forgot all question words....Things that I had EXPLAINED to my conversation partner 20 minutes before...THE EXACT EXAMPLE from the book I had explained...I drew a blank on. (facepalm) Generally, I do pretty good on the oral. This year I did better on the written...but that is damming with fain praise. On the upside, My teacher got me in touch with a Japanese Tutor I can avail myself of over the summer.

Oddly, I aced the biology exam that I was terrified about.

The 20 page term paper for my Asian studies capstone seminar, the one that the computer ate....that I had to rewrite over 2 1/2 days...was a qualified success. The teacher really liked the paper...but said it was in the wrong format. So today I found I have to redo it, but as it is written this is not nearly the hellacious cram-tacular chore that putting it together was. The instructor ( who is also the dept. head and my adviser) was surprised that I'd finished the minor without doing any other big research papers but we went over my records she realized that it was indeed possible. I had not done a paper anything like this in ~20 years.  I have to re-check out my references so I can't really start on the paper until after work tomorrow, but I should be done with it by tomorrow evening. Then I'll have 2 weeks till summer classes begin. Whether I actually attend said classes depends on Moms prognosis of course.

The pickup of peril had a flat tire this morning.

I have a TON of yard work ( and a bit of carpentry) to do at the trailer.  which I stopped by Friday for the first time in a month. I also need to cool-seal the roof.
 I've not decided if I'm going to sell  the trailer. That again depends on the situation with Mom. Selling it would free up several hundred dollars a month in lot rent and utilities and because of house/pet sitting and the fact that all of my elders have been sick the last year I've been at my folks house a lot. When they move to North Carolina they'll need someone in the house for several months anyway.
 In theory I'll be moving to Japan next August, but that is only if I graduate by then. That in turn depends on summer classes and whether I can realistically take them. Getting the job in Japan involves going to Japan and doing interviews this August, again dependent on whether I am able to leave to do so. The ability to leave is dependent on three things
*having the cash
*being solidly on track to graduate no later than next July
*being able to leave my Dad with mom for a month in good conscience.

So there is a lot of uncertainty right now, everything is in the air regards long term plans. Short term, as I'm out of school and cramming no more I need no Jolt and Mt. Dew I'm once again focusing like a laser beam on my weight. All the injuries are healed and I can now pass the PT test so the only thing standing between me and being back in full drilling status with the Coast Guard is my corpulence...which I have till October 28 to fix. Anything with high fructose corn syrup is now dead to are tootsie rolls...though for different reasons.

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