September 21, 2009

First H1N1....Now This

There appears to be an outbreak of yellow fever in the comments section at Stevens site. 

Interestingly, this development was actually foreseen by members of  the  bitter, angry, shrewish, insecure, catty, coalition who sounded the alarm over a month ago. However, their response was epidemiologically suspect as it made BASICC came off as not just whiny but racist to boot...

BASICC might have been more effective had they quietly linked to this or this.

Babes come in all do shrews.

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1 (Shh!  Don't warn them - it's always more fun to see those suffering from the yellow jack get schooled by hard, uncomfortable realities firsthand!)

Posted by: Rick at Mon Sep 21 23:24:29 2009 (pbeUH)

2 The linked article is hilarious, pointing out that the women they're referring to are intelligent, educated, talented, and personally successful, while simultaneously dismissing them as "trophy wives". I suppose their next big feature will be on "race traitors".


Posted by: J Greely at Mon Sep 21 23:33:49 2009 (2XtN5)

3 I'm confused.  I thought one of the salient characteristics of "trophy wives" is that they  *are* personally successful, educated, talented, etc, etc, because they spent the years the abused first wives spent  having & raising children & taking care of the homestead, into becoming well-educated and successful instead.  Thus, the dick who marries a "trophy wife" gets a wife to brag about while still enjoying his progeny & big well-kept-up home which the original homemaker was responsible for, prior to her discard-divorce.

Posted by: Mitch H. at Tue Sep 22 11:24:33 2009 (jwKxK)

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