May 31, 2018

Finally! Some GOOD News!

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1 I still haven't played Fallout 4, yet.  I gather the actual story-based parts of 4 really aren't the main thrust of the game, though.  And there is at least one report out apparently that 76 may not actually be a straight-up roleplaying game.

Back to Fallout 3 for me, for now.

Posted by: Ben at Fri Jun 1 00:58:41 2018 (4TRZx)

2 To me, the biggest difference between Skyrim and Fallout 4 was that in Skyrim, you tripped over so many quest hooks that you could completely forget that there was a main story, and still play for 300 hours without running out (I still find new quests whenever I play it). 

Even hampered by their need to voice everything, F4 has a lot of things to do, but you have to actively avoid the main story if you want to find them all. And a lot of the random Radiant-style quests depend on talking to a few key NPCs rather than just popping up while you wander around the map.


Posted by: J Greely at Fri Jun 1 12:44:45 2018 (tgyIO)

3 Story was not 4's strong suit. The main quest was odd in a lot of places and a lot of the character motivations were questionable; thematically the urgency of resolving it didn't mesh well at all with the "hey, you have three other things to do" structure of the rest of the game.
What it did succeed at was the -game-. Fallout 3 was pretty clunky. NV had good and bad in it. But the combination of "you live and die by your skills" plus "and you absolutely need certain skills to keep your minimal equipment from disintegrating" and "all enemies are damage sponges" pushed you in an un-fun direction; guns required enormous amounts of effort to keep up, ammo was hard to come across, and yet they only tickled the enemy anyway, so why even bother?
FO4's simplified perk system did one thing extremely well - whatever you invested your points in, you were gonna be good at that. If it was pistols, your pistols were gonna be good enough to do the job. If it was rifles, ditto. If it was melee, you'd be good in melee. Yes, yes, it didn't have as much depth and it was a lot harder to break by going around and picking up eighty skill books, but it also was a lot harder to create a character that was invested in the wrong areas and couldn't perform in ANYTHING.
(The power armor was another very nice touch - changing it from "it's a slightly better suit" to "I'm wrapping myself in a tank because it is now GO TIME" was very rewarding. I felt like it was worth the effort to keep it supplied, upgraded, painted, etc. as more than a fashion accessory.)

Posted by: Avatar at Sat Jun 2 00:54:20 2018 (/lg1c)

4 Agreed; I still fire up heavily-modded copies of both F4 and Skyrim occasionally to enjoy their streamlined, action-heavy gameplay. I'm waiting for someone to do a proper crossover mod so I can Shout super-mutants off the top of buildings and use VATS to take out dragons.


Posted by: J Greely at Sat Jun 2 11:43:37 2018 (tgyIO)

5 Well, that's something at least.  My copy of Fallout 3 is nowhere NEAR stock.  I'm running about 70 mods.

Posted by: Ben at Sat Jun 2 20:22:28 2018 (4TRZx)

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