August 01, 2008

A Few Words of Advice for Travellers

When ones flight is delayed 5 inutes and you have a 15 minute layover in a huge airport like O` really needs to look at the schedule screen rather than take the stewardesses word for where your next plane will be.

When one is booking a seat on a rather later flight than the one you are SUPPOSED to be on and one is asked `Would you prefer a window or aisle seat?` the correct answer is AISLE because you might be seated next to an old lady who wants to sleep the whole trip ....and you won`t want to have to step over her and wake her up in the unlikely event you might ever want to stretch or relieve yourself at some point during an 11 hour plane ride. 

Words you do not want to hear the pilot on ones  plane say:

"Ladies and gentlemen: We are in for a VERY rough ride..obey the fasten seatbelt sign and try to secure any loose objects...Hang on"

Before one leaves....even if one recently exchanged e-mails with the guest house company one is dealing with,  make SURE that the place one is staying in is still in existance when one leaves. Otherwise one could find oneself standing in front of the charred remains of CASA NOVA at 11:00pm, all alone, in Tokyo, with ones mouth hanging open while contemplating just how completely fracked one is.

Good Grief!

I`m currently in a Shinjuku cyber cafe where I tried to get contact info for other GREEN FOREST guest houses...but the phone numbers are invalid. Now I`m trying to find accomodations that will allow me to stay within my remaining budget.

 That`s my current situation for those that care....

....for everyone else...posting will be ....light.

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1 Proper fraked is right. Best of luck. I hear Japanese hobos are a sociable bunch.

Posted by: Will at Sat Aug 2 20:19:35 2008 (oj5wx)

2 are you just visiting Nihon, or
living there now ?

Posted by: ELD at Tue Aug 5 19:28:30 2008 (NmYdE)

3 It's a vacation.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Wed Aug 6 12:54:59 2008 (+rSRq)

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