September 20, 2018

Dispatches From the Department of Disquieting Developments

Pixy linked to this the other day and I think it really deserves rather wider distribution. 

On the surface, it's a very dry, inside baseball discussion by a Paul M. Jones  discussing a proposed Code of Conduct for open source code and IT work. This sounds both benign and banal until you realize that where benign and banal cross is their...intersection

The Contributor Covenant version on which the RFC is based is authored and maintained by intersectional technologist and transgender feminist Coraline Ada Ehmke. 

"Well, I'm sure THAT won't 
 immediately go pear shaped."

And yeah...It's about as much a dumpster fire as one might expect, but, like so much else today has some really creepy undertones. 

I strongly urge you to read the whole thing, which is replete with links to various other takes on the issue including Ehmke's. I further urge you to bring it to the attention of people with larger readerships.

The apparent importance of one proposed COC may seem deceptively limited in scope,  but the implications are quite troubling and reflect what is already happening. Several examples from the tech world over the last few years are been brought up in the notes at the end. 

This far beyond coders, pretty much everybody can be burned by this. 

Very related is this recent piece from The Phantom Soapbox which, while Twitter related takes a look at similar impulses...
They are watching other people be drummed out for the sin of "not a team player" because their hobby is shooting, or hunting, or even fishing. (Fish have feelings too, you murderer!!!) Or somebody found a pic on-line of them at a Pro-Life rally, or somebody saw them walking into a church on Sunday morning.

Speaking of the Stassi, this video that keeps popping up on Instapundit every few months is also relevant and shows where we are going to end up if we as a society don't get off the PC train. 

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1 Somehow, these people managed to finally get Linus Torvalds. (They've been trying to subvert him for years.) They expect us to believe that he is retiring from the Linux kernel group and seeking training on interpersonal relations of his own free will.

It's f***ing creepy. Everyone knows what this is. We've seen this before. The people who talk about it are getting censored on the usual forums.

For the love of God, if these people ever have you up against a wall and your nuts in some sort of blackmail vise, NEVER APOLOGIZE. Never acknowledge their moral authority over you. If you do, if you let these sociopaths bully you into subordinating your moral evaluations for theirs, then they own your soul! It's off to the reeducation camps for you. This is how these people operate.

Never surrender to these people - if you're important enough to target, then too many other people are counting on you to keep your independence.

Posted by: madrocketsci at Thu Sep 20 19:41:54 2018 (TTXhu)

2 Reminds me too much of the Matt Taylor affair.

Posted by: madrocketsci at Thu Sep 20 20:05:04 2018 (TTXhu)

3 Oh yes: This Coraline Ada Ehmke person is somehow also involved in imposing the code of conduct on the Linux kernel hackers.

Posted by: madrocketsci at Thu Sep 20 20:19:20 2018 (TTXhu)

4 Modern SJW resembles the 1950s joke about the Soviet Union - yeah, you have the right to say what you want ONCE.

Posted by: cxt217 at Fri Sep 21 16:38:10 2018 (EGo5e)

5 Somewhere I saw a list of projects that this Ehmke person has managed to lever this CoC into. And it seems to be the sole contribution this person has made to any of them.

Posted by: Mauser at Fri Sep 21 21:02:09 2018 (Ix1l6)

6 The core strategy was creating enough visibility that people who didn't understand the trap just said things like, "it's fairly standard across projects and having a common code does help make it easier for people to understand what to expect".

I was going to add some missing PDF features to that project and submit a pull request, and maybe gently introduce them to the concept of documentation, but oh hell no.

Mind you, there's almost no activity on their repo or their forum, so it's not like there's any even theoretically offensive conduct to police.


Posted by: J Greely at Fri Sep 21 23:02:47 2018 (tgyIO)

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