March 28, 2008

Dad is Home

I've spent the last few days when not at work or school shuttling my mom between their house and the Hospital, cleaning up and generally making the parents house handicapable (a few rails here and there, the big handicapped toilet ect.). The biggest challenge was getting the geometry of the spare room such that the hospital bed allowed enough space for the walker and wheelchair to negotiate the entrance.

This evening my father finally came home and, with some difficulty, my brother in law and I got him upstairs into the hospital bed. He is in the house.


With my mother recovering from cancer, my grandmother recovering from a shoulder replacement (due to a fall last year) and my dad very pretty much immobile for a month or more while he  recovers from this surgery, I'm  pretty much  going to be assisting with therapy, cleaning doing yardwork and generally keeping up my folks house for the next few weeks/months.

I'm going to be Super Mister ButlerMan!

...and that always leads to adventure !

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