June 29, 2008

Conflicting Assesments.....

...abound about the nature of the Benevolent All Caring God Head Sun King.

Not all of these are particularly helpful or insightful.

A case in point is the notion that there are obvious parallels between this Senator and another famous and eloquent senator....Palpatine.
This sort of silliness does not advance the discussion at all...

For one thing, George Lucas should know, and disagrees vehemently with this assessment. Additionally, over at Machine Overlords, a convincing case is made that Lucas is correct and the Benevolent All Caring God Head Sun King is in fact a Jedi Knight.

For my part, given the length and accomplishments of his senatorial career and the scope and depth of his policy proposals, I am reasonably confident that the Illinois Senator is as likely as anybody to simultaneously bring about truly astounding change as well as open relations with the Toclafane.

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