February 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

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The pickup of peril ceased generating electricity the other day. This ran the battery down, leaving me stranded in Norfolk for several hours until I could get a jump. 2 days, a new alternator and 435 dollars later I took the truck to school, only to have the new alternator cease working on the way to work...at night. While a diesel can keep running for a while once started, the headlights and fan do run the battery down quick.

Of course the problem was not the alternator but rather the voltage regulator.
Let this be a lesson to you all. when you take your vehicle to an auto repair place, DO NOT tell them to fix what you think the problem is...tell them to find the problem nand fix it. Now my tiny bit of knowledge has more than doubled my repair bill and I am still  truckless.

In school, I have a paper due Tuesday. 3 and a half weeks with no Japanese textbook took its toll, but I finally secured one. I initially ordered one via Amazon but it got lost in the great ice storm. I had another one sent after 10 days only to have a WORKBOOK arrive. By that time, Monday, the bookstore had restocked so I was able to pick it up anyway. I bombed a kanji test the other day, but I'm doing much better now. Right now  I'm cramming to catch up with the rest of the class.... no actually I've stopped doing that and right now I'm blogging....which I really ought not to do until I'm caught up...hopefully by this weekend.

Back shortly....

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1 It's never fun when your car dies, and it's not like you need the extra suffering.  For what it's worth though, I had a car that had a bad habit of eating an alternator, starter, or voltage regulator every three months or so.  It wasnt until I replaced all three at once that the problem went away, apparently they were damaging each other on failure.  Replacing the alternator and voltage regulator at once, while painful on your wallet right now, was probably the correct choice in the long run.

Posted by: David at Mon Feb 16 00:46:40 2009 (n/RK7)

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