March 28, 2011

Balls of Brass But Still an Ass

Interweb supersleuth Colleen Doran is on the case of Rob Granito, who has been doing the convention circuit passing himself off as the 'ghost artist' to many of the big names in the industry, and selling pirated copies of their work as his own.

Read the whole thing.

More here.

The chutzpah of this jerk is awe inspiring. is hit total lack of riting skillzez, wich caim bak2 biet him weh he tryed to use sockpuppetry to verifye his credetchulz.

Note: None of us here at Brickmuppet Blog created Gojira, Godzilla or any Toho monsters, nor did any of us portray them professionally in costume. We didn't even do this Demotivator, we just nicked it from Macro Chan.

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