May 08, 2019

Poor Owen

Cute girls doing cute things in a magical university set in a sort of D&D  world. Mysteria Friends is beautifully drawn, pleasant enough and I could look at Grea (the half-dragon girl) all day. Having just completed its run, the show looks to be 10 X 15 minute episodes so its not a major investment of time and it seems promising.

UPDATE: That is the most egregiously elaborate special collections area of a library ever. Also: Molting's cool!

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May 07, 2019


As I catch up on stuff not pertaining to school, I note that over the last year or so, I've absentmindedly ended up following 261 artists on Pixiv. This is a result mainly of irresponsible use of the FOLLOW button. I also support 4 artists via Pixiv Fanbox. The focus of these sites range from cute animations to landscapes to city-scapes to historical inaccuracies to first person analysis of the male gaze. You know what exactly none of these 261 sites are focused on? Boys Love.

So why the heck am I getting ads for...

Glistening sweat! Illustrations of Sporty Boys


What the what?

Now, I do not begrudge the aficionados of such works their preferred content, and I think that its great that Pixiv caters to all demographics in need of...visual reference material for work and school, so this would not normally be an issue. However, I do wonder, why, with 261 bishie-free data points that their algorithm keeps sending me this in my Things I'll Probably Like box.

Shorter version: I really need to cull the number of artists I'm following. Also I'm being stalked by a gay Japanese A.I.

Oh well, enough of my first world problems, here is a rendering of a pigeon by どっこい.

No pigeons were harmed in the course of this post.

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A 1.3 KM wide asteroid and its mini-moon are going to pass within 20 lunar distances on May 25th.

The asteroid system will be highly visible to amateur astronomers when it passes, in part due to its high relative velocity. There's info here if you want to take a look at Asteroid (66391) 1999 KW4.

One of our Crack Team of Science Babes has thoughts.

"Fortunately there's no press hysteria yet since NASA did not name this one after some Egyptian god of destruction."

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May 06, 2019

Ok. NOW I'm Dead.


I really have no idea what the story is with the cute, ...octataur(?)Such questions should be directed towards Lansane, who drew her, and who can be supported via Pixiv Fanbox.
Any sophomoric and/or off-color jokes referencing the above image that originate from the E.U. risk being reported to the joke police.
Not legally dead.


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May 03, 2019

Not Dead Yet

While I did good on one of my classes, my Kanji exam is on Monday and will determine if I utterly faceplant that class. I'll continue to be scarce until at least then.

Here's something to unnerve and depress you until then.

Bad opening metaphors signal bad times....

I will say that I don't think that we're likely to legislate our way out of this, in part because compelling speech seems to be the exact opposite of a solution.

This warrants thought, but all thought here is currently being otherwise allocated.


On a less consequential note, anyone with suggestions for good things to watch/review starting next week, please put them in the comments. more...

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