December 08, 2020

Any Mandarin Speakers in the Audience?

I don't speak any Chinese. I was once told that my pronunciation of "nihao" was lewd. 

So I don't know if these two videos are the smoking gun of our murderer after discharging into our abdomen...or they are the equivalent of a Downfall video. 

Many years ago there was an add put out by the Tea Party which featured a Chinese Professor in 2030 talking about the U.S. had fallen because it was decadent, corrupt and had spent itself into bankruptcy. 

This set of videos is so close to that political ad, it is both terrifying, and cause for suspicion. It's just too on the nose. The big difference is, that the Tea Party ad assumed no real malice on the part of China, merely envisioning them coming in and picking up the pieces after an American collapse. This one on the other hand, well, take 18 minutes of your time.....

Watch on Bitchute

The vid, (which despite its garish title card doesn't mention Hunter much) is hosted by a channel called Inconvenient Truths, which I'm not familiar with, and has not vanished from YouTube as of this typing.

This is concerning to say the least, and it's inclusion in a streamed lecture indicates supreme confidence they are in charge, completely and an aberration like Trump will never happen again. (Or, bullshit, one of the two.)

This bears some scrutiny. An independant Chinese translation would be a good place to start. Perhaps someone can to go to Politics and Prose and try to track down that clerk, surely he's moved on after 5 years, but if he can be tracked down the veracity of the story might be verified. 

We do know that China is doing many of the things mentioned in this video. The rust belt is testament to that. But the specific identification of 1992 to 2016 as China's happy time and that the one time a spanner got in their works was when someone not bought and paid for by Wall Street* got behind Resolute Desk confirms so many of my biases that I must rub my chin and squint skeptically.

UPDATE2: The video just got yeeted from You-Tube, but I'm hosting it on my Bitchute channel. 

* Particularly interesting, because the professor doesn't claim that Trump was pure, but that his bad debts had resulted in bad blood between him and Wall Street. 

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