May 12, 2020


After what started out as a great day (getting off early) I got home, took a shower, laid down, and suddenly woke up in agony 2 hours later. 

I moped around the house a few hours stretching and hoping that it could be "worked out" but as the afternoon came and became evening I decided to go to the hospital and get an MRI. I was genuinely afraid that I'd done something very bad to my shoulder.

The Hospital (actually an Emergency Room and minihospital satellite facility to one of the larger area hospitals) was surreal. It was almost empty (or seemed to be) additional rooms are set up and patients are strictly isolated from one another, no one is moved from one room to the other until the hall is clear of patients, meaning that there can only be one patient at a time in any one hall.  I was in a temporary, very small, room without a bed. This makes a non life threatening visit to the ER take even longer than it ordinarily would. This certainly qualifies as a second annoyance.

As it happens, I have a torn rotator cuff. I think "torn" is probably too dramatic as I'm slated to return to work Saturday. It hurts like a houndette at certain angles and is merely a dull pain at others. This was, of course, the first annoyance of the day, though due to my poor reporting skills is only listed second. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused you, gentle reader. I was prescribed 4 days off and muscle relaxants which leads to the third of the days annoyances. 

You see, the drugstore is now under plague hours, which ended two hours before I got there to pick up my prescription. This leaves me with unrelaxed muscles and a generally sour demeanor as I type this. 

A few minutes ago I drove to work to physically turn in my paperwork from the hospital and see if there was any other paperwork I needed to fill out. There likely will be but as the supervisor in charge of that will not be in until much later, so I'll have to endure the annoyance of having that hang over my head until I can get back. 

If the arm is not ready for heavy lifting by Saturday, then I have to see an orthopedist and contemplate surgery, but that is, as of now, a theoretical annoyance that I hope to avoid all together. 

Finally, here is a raccoon eating someone's peanut butter, which must be quite annoying.

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1 Man. All this parcel moving and the rotator cuff. Talk about unlucky.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Tue May 12 15:25:07 2020 (LZ7Bg)

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