December 17, 2015

And Then, A Miracle Did Occur

Earlier this morning, a series of work related calamities prompted a moment of introspection during which I asked "Dear GOD...What the HELL else can go wrong?"

Now, as I sit here, covered head to toe in cricket poop, it belatedly occurs to me that my prayer was answered. 

But enough about me. Here is someone, who, while embracing the season's accouterments with great verve and fastidiousness, nevertheless seems unclear on the concept of carols.

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1 With all the capability MMD has of figuring mass and velocity and acceleration of the characters, I wish they could apply some of that to the camera movements.

Posted by: Mauser at Thu Dec 17 22:33:44 2015 (5Ktpu)

2 Okay, it's been long enough and nobody else has done it...

"Cricket poop?"

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sun Dec 20 03:05:37 2015 (zAcee)

3 Numerous pet stores and sporting goods shops carry feeder crickets, either as food for pets or live bait. U.P.S. ships these. Over time,  these containers fill up with dander consisting of shed exoskeletons and biological waste.  This is of minor concern to people in the shipping industry due to the fact that the containers have screen covered air holes which allow venting of excess dander. When an employee is sorting over one hundred of these boxes to a belt above and behind oneself large amounts of this unpleasant animal husbandry byproduct tend to accumulate on said employee. This becomes a slightly greater concern if the box, for some reason, pops open along a seam and dumps its entire contents...including the crickets....onto the employee in question. This additionally results in a mad and largely vain effort to collect the contents of the parcel.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Dec 25 16:30:17 2015 (AaBUm)

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