October 23, 2015

And So They Came to Pass

Well, THAT was transcendentally unpleasant, but at about 7 this morning, a final excruciating moment of agony largely ended the pain.  

I case you're wondering, it felt kind of like this...

...but different.

Having been up (save for fitful naps of less than an hour) for a week, I immediately collapsed and slept through my alarm clock.

This was by far the worst kidney stone episode I've ever had, even the one that impacted and required surgery a few years ago did not approach this in pain. 

An important note to my readers regarding home remedies:

I have gathered that while some products do indeed facilitate the dissolving of certain types of kidney stones, they are stone-type specific. Maniacally chugging vast quantities of them can push the PH of the kidney too far in the other direction...which causes very rapid formation of entirely different kinds of stones...in my case less congenial ones.  

Moderation in all things is important.

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1 When I did the "13 stones in 12 months" back around 2000-2001, it was discovered that I had uric acid stones, as opposed to the more common calcium stones.  Uric acid stones have the unfortunate property of being nigh-on invisible to the x-ray machines of 15 years ago, meaning they couldn't do anything to help (like break them up with ultrasonic cannon, which use x-rays as targeting devices). 

Once I passed the biggest stone (which had sharp points!)... well. 

Posted by: Wonderduck at Fri Oct 23 20:45:06 2015 (a12rG)

2 The usual controlling factor for women is that acidity allows yeast infections, but seldom does it get that far unless combined with stress. I suspect you have had a lot of stress lately, so acidity was probably achieved faster.
So yeah, be glad you are a guy....

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Sat Oct 24 10:49:59 2015 (3wybu)

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