November 09, 2013

All Thouse Hurricanes We Didn't Get

....just hit the Philippines at once.

Haiyan hit the Philippines with sea-level winds of nearly 200 mph scoring a direct hit in Cebu.

All of the Philippine islands are pretty mountainous and with this much rain ( reports of at least ten inches in  a few hours) means mudslides and inland flooding on top of a 20 foot storm surge.

Cyclones of this intensity are rare but not unheard of. However, they rarely hit land at anything like this strength. The last one to do so was Hurricane Camille which hit the southern US back in 1968 and there have been some slightly weaker storms that hit Asia.

The Phillipines gets hit with several typhoons a year, but this is in a category all its own. Worse, this storm comes on the heels of  a major earthquake which softened up the infrastructure and meant many people were still in tents. This is looking to be an almost unreal calamity.

Indeed, things do not look good for Tacloban, the capital of Leyte.

UPDATE: At least 10,000 dead.
UPDATE 2: Tacloban alone....

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1 I work at a  place where the founder and a number of the employees are meteo-trained, although we tend to do agricultural applications rather than extreme weather.  The president and his cronies were bent over the radar reports for this typhoon on Thursday, marveling over its perfect, horrible profile.  Pretty much the perfect cyclone, an  unnatural circular flow that looked more like CGI than a real hurricane radar report.  They were pretty sure that it would be a mega-casualty event, if there were such a thing as a Category Six, this would be it.  "Tornado-force winds distributed across hundreds of miles of landfall" was predicted.  The best that could be said was that it didn't look like it would hit Manila.

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