April 13, 2015

All That and a Bowl of Grits

The first half of the Fate Stay Night remake that aired last season started well above average and proceeded to get steadily better. I liked the original immensely, but this is really surpassing it in lots of ways, in no small part because this focused much more on Rin, who is awesome. 

Rin is also the feminine form of the word "win".

The original series was based on a visual novel and this is, I am given to understand, following a different story path, however it seems to have diverged quite a bit as several unexpected developments have completely changed the dynamic of the show, though not the premise. There has been a lot of good characterization and the writing has been top notch. The production values are absolutely superb.

Rin is a very well realized heroine. A young mage thrust by birth and circumstances into a  deadly contest, she is clever, audacious, knowledgeable and graced with a strong sense of ethics that tends to complicate her situation rather a lot. Shiro,the previous shows lead, seems, to be the duteragonist of the story. Much like in the original, he is much less skilled and powerful character who is thrown into the situation without warning and is far out of his depth. However, he can think on his feet and is principled and idealistic to a fault, and by that I mean he's something of an idiot at times. In comparison to the original 2006 TV show though,  Shiro is a much more relatable and rather more likable character. 

Both of this seasons episodes have been full of surprises and there has been unexpectedly thoughtful development of the villains as well, some of whom are fascinating in their complexity and some of whom are breathtaking in their depravity.

"OMG! You're bootlegging Sriracha!?"

 Be advised that this show goes to dark places occasionally...and this latest episode was not at all as...nuanced...as previous episodes were in that regard. 

This is not a show one should watch with the kids but it is a very solid supernatural adventure yarn and 14 episodes in it's looking to be one of the best in the genre and may quite handily surpass the show it's re-imagining.

 This one's looking to be a keeper.

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1 The FSN story paths aren't the normal "go through mostly the same stuff and then get an ending" style. Some things are just plain different between the paths. And yeah, dark, dark, quite dark... though not as dark as the third, as-yet-unanimated path, Heaven's Feel, which makes this look like -Barney- I kid you not.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Tue Apr 14 05:56:06 2015 (zTHWs)

2 Although they still knocked out Rider way early....

On the other hand, they introduced the sorceress much earlier and brought her out into the battle more.

I haven't gotten into the new season yet. The circle I watched the first part from doesn't appear to be doing this part.

Posted by: Mauser at Tue Apr 14 06:30:18 2015 (TJ7ih)


I've a red-bikini Rin just over my computer and a chibi Rin glued to the dash of my truck, so you might say I'm a fan.

The UBW leg of FSN was always the strongest of the three, IMO.  Shirou, while too idealistic, is slightly less stupid, and Rin really shines.  This adaptation has been very well done so far.

Echoing what Avatar said, the HF route is nothing but high-octane nightmare fuel.  I went thru it as fast as possible just to unlock the epilogue.

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Tue Apr 14 09:04:41 2015 (lU4ZJ)

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