December 10, 2008

A Few Random Bits

DigiKerot just wants the DVD and is unimpressed with the marketing departments attempt to splice Rube Goldberg's DNA onto origami.

Wonderduck has had a rough week, but he has discovered the joys of customer satisfaction.

Pete has begun watching Midori no Hibi (mentioned in passing here) and seems to be enjoying it.

Steve Den Beste is finicky...(who knew!)...nevertheless, he takes the time to explain why this might be a good in the last get several series.

Colleen Doran has a roundup of links, starting off with another reason not to date...but she also has advice for aspiring artists and many fans....

Copyright: There's a better way to learn the basics than making an enemy of an artist with more money than God. 

Finally, many people are quick to point out that Anime is a perfectly respectable hobby.
Pixy Misa helpfully puts that myth to rest in a post that requires he put this 'explanation' in the associated comments.
Well, there's at least two others with plausible excuses - one wearing inflatable falsies, and one with a trout in her bra.
(probably NSFW)

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