January 04, 2011


The follow up to yesterdays post on 'videogate' is about as bad as I expected.

There is little I have to add that I didn't say yesterday, but Cdr Salamander has a good post up at USNI Proceedings.

An excerpt:

It is the height of moral corruption to tell someone what they are doing is OK one day, and then the next – to protect yourself - act as if it were horrible. It is just as morally corrupt to reprimand a person, provide corrective action, accept remediation – and then at a later date punish him again for the same act only harder; submit that person to double jeopardy for your own self-preservation.

Do read the whole thing.

Ace makes some worthy points as well.
Honors is being hung out to dry for something that was either fine with his then superiors or which he was duly critiqued for and allowed to move on in his career. Either way, this is ex post facto outrage and the senior leadership of the Navy has simply thrown a dedicated and decorated officer to the wolves.

Speaking of Honors' career...did you know he was essentially promoted twice after these videos were made? He remained at the same rank (Captain) but went from being Executive Officer of the Enterprise (the 2nd in command) to command his own ship, the USS Mount Whitney. In 2008 he led her into the middle of the Russia-Georgia war to provide relief supplies to the Georgians.

In addition to all this, the crew of the Enterprise Battlegroup is going to be walking on eggshells through this deployment. The pressure on them just got ratcheted up. 

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