April 06, 2016

I Am Alive

Unlike SOME people, who are.....mechanical.

"And can presumably be put back together if they get...disassembled!"

Well, I've been in the hospital. It seems that I am not just allergic to Pseudoephedrine, I'm deathly allergic to ALL antihistamines, even those that are supposedly safe for people who can't take Pseudoephedrine.

When I entered the hospital both my blood-pressure numbers were three digits and one of them began with the letter two.

  I turned out to have a recurrence of the vile sinus/inner ear infection I had about six months ago, just with much more pain added to the dizziness and blurred vision. A ridiculous battery of tests resulted in the conclusion that I don't actually have hypertension except as a result of the aforementioned allergies. This whole event turned out to be fortuitous since I probably would not have been aware of the insane blood pressure issue had it not been for the symptoms of the infection scaring me to dearth and sending me to the ER.  Of course, given that this unlikely condition has recurred, I'll need to see an E.N.T in the near future.

Er...the other kind. 

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1 Well, on the plus side, you now know you don't have any aneurysms waiting to explode.

Posted by: Mauser at Thu Apr 7 17:10:19 2016 (5Ktpu)

2 Damn.  Glad they worked it out, at least.

I'm allergic to about 97 different things, but at least I'm not allergic to the pills I take to control my allergies.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Fri Apr 8 02:32:13 2016 (PiXy!)

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