October 19, 2022

This is Kinda....Retarded....I Totally Want One

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October 16, 2022


I am on record as saying that I think there was a lot that was sus about the 2020 election, but that it probably wasn't stolen. Furthermore, even in the event that it WAS, there's no way to prove it, because the more lurid claims about software issues are, INHERENTLY unprovable in the absence of an opening up of the voting machines code. And the more lurid claims frankly are pretty retarded....no way in hell China was running the voting machines for instance.

The best that could be  done is to adopt paper ballots and strict ID requirements in the future so that concerns, wether they come from Stacey Abrams, Al Gore, Or Donald Trump can be swiftly put to rest one way or another. 

This has been my position since about February. While the second paragraph is still solidly my position, my faith in the wisdom of the first turns out to be at odds with one of the most important rules of political discourse in current year. 

To Wit:

So.... the polling firm Rasmussen, has produced this twitter thread, which was linked to by Ed Driscoll over at Instapundit the other day, and I've just been walking in circles pulling what's left of my hair out for the last few hours because this thread and the stories it links to are, frankly, crazy-cakes.

It seems that a fraud case in L.A. is fraught with the implication that Chinese intelligence had access to the software of the voting machines in several states, and if I'm reading this right, administrative security privileges to boot. 

Link's good, I just can't seem to be able to embed Tweets anymore.

The New York Times is actually covering this, it's too big a story to ignore, but the article seems to omit the rather pertinent fact that Chinese Software engineers in China have administrative privileges on the tally counts of these, ostensibly U.S., voting machines. 

This rather consequential story seems to have connections to two other developments, a scandal involving overseas and military voting (run by the same firm) and the curious involvement of Minnesota  Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer with the same firm

Joe Biden is President.
There is no constitutional process for a do-over of a U.S. federal election. 
The implications of all of this on the last and upcoming election are, while troubling, unclear.
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 
Ranting, raving, and, God forbid, rioting will only play into the Democrat's hands, as it did on January 6th 2021. 
So, don't go off half cocked. 

But do follow this story. I'm not sure what to think of it.

But I've got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach...much like I did about some lurid stories coming out of Wuhan in the last few days of 2019. 

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October 15, 2022

Surprise Saturday Stream!

No stream was scheduled tonight because I had planed to go visit my folks this weekend.

This afternoon, on the way south, I called to see how they were doing. Turns out, they were doing great. So great in fact that they were on the outskirts of Raleigh NC, well on their way to the mountains for a nice relaxing weekend observing the foliage.

After a long drive back I saw some friends I hadnt seen in months and find myself at home in time for a 9:30PM stream. 

Come by, say "Hi!" and laugh at me as I grind through PHANTOM BRAVE this evening. . 

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October 06, 2022

Nexon Replies to the Scolding Puritanical Anti-Fun Committee: "Go pound sand!"

Nexon, is a Korean game developer that is responsible for the hit mobile gacha / cheesecake RPG Blue Archive, which has, heretofore largely dodged the nerfings and mastectomies that have plagued the game industry in recent years. Someone was bound to notice this lack of propriety and, sure enough, the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee told Nexon a while back that Nexon was going to have to censor Blue Archive...or else. Nexon initially complied, but this past week the KGRAC informed Nexon that further censorship would be required

Nexon responded, not by issuing groveling apologies, denouncing 'toxic masculinity' and promising to be better at protecting the internet from the scourge of curvy digital babes, but rather by declaring that they were going to maintain their artistic integrity and simply raise the games age rating....and not only keep the curves, but restore any cheesecake they had removed previously when paying the Danegeld. 

Now, this is probably not an example of conscience, artistic integrity or a Korean corporation's stalwart dedication to the first amendment of the United States Constitution. Rather, I suspect it is because that there is likely very little overlap between the individuals who will simp Gacha monies for a game that includes this piece amongst its official art...

I know there are much less SFW examples of official art, but I picked the one with the duck. 

...and bitter,  insecure harpies with A-Cup Angst. 

So it's probably not a moral or ethical stand as much as a business decision. 

And I'm OK with that, both because it is a welcome departure from recent trends, and because it does actually show a degree of courage. 

 Blue Archive doesn't look like my cup of tea, and is rather too cheesy even for me, but I probably ought to support them a bit on principle. 

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It Woiked!

A few days ago I called Apple support and tried to find out why my efforts to get my PS-2 to stream through my iMac were coming to naught. The 3 very expensive pieces of kit I had obtained to facilitate this IT alchemy were very clear that they were compatible with Macintosh products. 

After going through every step with them, giving them the product numbers and my iMac's stats, tech support informed me that what I was trying to do should actually be happening. I pointed out that I had already reset my iMac to factory settings while trying to sort this out, (WHICH WAS A MASSIVE PAIN) and the tech support brahmin noted that given my model of iMac (Retina 4k, 21.5inch) there was a possibility that ALL of my USBa ports had partially died. So he set me up with an appointment at the Apple Store. After work, I showered, packed up Gura, the PS2 and all the kit I'd bought, got in the car and drove 50 minutes to Virginia Beach. 

When I unpacked the computer, they were like "Oh wow! A classic model!" (I bought it in 2019...admittedly, that was the tail end of the 'before time' but...) After some explaining, they agreed that I should theoretically be able to do what I was trying to do (stream on Twitch with a PS2 via an iMac ) and the tech began to test my machine to find out if the USBa ports were partially dead. (They seem to work fine for everything except the kit I got to stream) after some time they determined that the iMac was fine. 

What it turned out to be was a MacOS update that made the machine incompatible with the non-Apple kit. After some searching one Apple Store employee turned up a software patch that countered the update. 

I had run to the streamers room so I don't know if the patch required the use of TERMINAL or not and did not think to ask at the time. However, while I can't yet run the full streaming software that Elgato provides, I was able to perform a work around with Elgato's recording/editing software that came to some approximation of acceptable. 

To my utter astonishment the service fee was $0.00. 

Even better, I found out that my initial idea of how to do this was correct. Meaning that I can return $160.00 dollars worth of kit to Elgato, meaning that, aside from gas, a trip to the Apple store actually made money.

"Well, that's a sign of the end times!"

Tuesday night I set up everything at home and ran a 2 hr. test stream. Everything worked!


Except the PS2's memory card. 

"I've got to play that whole dungeon AGAIN!?"

A new memory card is on order and is supposed to arrive today. Regardless, my internet alter ego will be streaming as scheduled this evening at 17:30 EDT/21:30UTC @ twitch.tv/Brickmuppet

Come by and say "Hi!" as we play La Pucelle Tactics!

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October 04, 2022

iMac going into the Shop

I don't know when I'll have a computer again. However I was very happy to get an appointment this afternoon at the Apple store for my Apple Potato.

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September 30, 2022

Coming Up For Air

Power is on for now. I'm gonna risk posting for a moment.

Power has been off and on all day. The storm hit sooner and harder than anticipated. I think the hurricane is pushing a big line squall or Nor'easter ahead of it. Power went out at work and a surge fried some of the computers. Glad I had my flashlight. I worked more overtime than straight time.
Not gonna risk computering tonight, it's supposed to get worse. 


There will be a compensatory stream tomorrow.

Blog content to follow. Honest. 

Pete: It varies from red to brown. 

SurburbanBanshee: I do already, but thanks. 

Mauser: That characters name is actually a big spoiler. 

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September 29, 2022

Out of the ER

Well, Tuesday night at work I had a terrible bout of un-coordination, a dizzy spell, and had had slurred speech during my stream before work. To such an extent I've currently hidden the VOD.


I've ridden this roller coaster before!

It looked like I was having another stroke, so one of my managers took me to the ER, where I spent Tuesday but after all manner of tests and time in the angry doughnut, the ER stroke center diagnosed me with...exhaustion and dehydration, which was rather embarrassing, but a relief. I slept most of the rest of the day. I seem to be fine now, even passed a kidney stone at work Wednesday, which made the rest of the day much more pleasant....ok, not pleasant but less vexing. 

After work Wednesday, I was able to get the yard cut and the porch-light fixed before the rains hit which was gratifying at the time, but is less so now as the anticipated rains haven't hit yet. 

I'm a little worried about the dehydration diagnosis, as I'm already drinking well over a gallon of water every day, which is approaching concerning levelsOTOH, the job IS quite physical.

Everything else, aside from the pending ER bill is going fine. I just have little time and less energy. 

Yard notwithstanding, I've slept most of the last two days, including today. I was concerned that my PS2 had not arrived, but it JUST showed up, which is pretty much just in time for me to figure out how to set it up for tonights anticipated 17:30EDT/01:30UTC stream

I swear blogging will resume someday. 

Anyway, for tonight though, stop by at twitch.tv/brickmuppet and if I can get this console streaming properly in the next hour you can watch me flailing around for 3 hours in LaPucelle: Tactics!

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September 22, 2022

Check For Bumper Stickers

Go out to your car now and scrape off any bumper stickers that might indicate non-alignment with the latest Twitter encyclical. Do not wear any clothing that might indicate a opinion on the matters of the day. 

Watch what you say, and keep your conversations as anodyne as possible. 

Sit back, relax, and watch The Lives of Others to gain some insights into our new reality. 

Because THIS sort of thing is getting more frequent.

Above all else, do not lower yourself to their level. From a moral standpoint it is wrong to behave as they do. From a practical standpoint it would play into their hands. From a political standpoint it denies the populace the option of voting against monsters if both sides become monsters.

Manage your anger, and save it for the ballot box.

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September 21, 2022

Streamery Update

From 21:30 Friday Evening to 09:30 Saturday (EDT; 01:30 AM to 13:00 Saturday UTC) My internet alter-ego will be doing a 12 hour endurance stream!  Stop by for Final Fantasy 14 and in between our adventures in Eorzea we'll watch some Silent Scifi Movies! Like Metropolis (1926) Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde (1912) Georges Méliès (1907) version of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Which we'll compare to the 1916 American version of the same story.  We'll show some others as well before we resume trying to save the Scions of the Seventh Dawn  from whatever gun toting loons just abducted them.  Stop by for the award winning MMO and some retro cinematography this Friday at 9:30 PM EDT! @ https://www.twitch.tv/brickmuppet ! 

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September 13, 2022

The World is Stupid

I couldn't get the car to start this morning.

After about 20 minutes, I realized that the issue was that the keyfob battery was dead.

I was late to work because my car key ran out of power.

The world is stupid. 

I have to be to work in 4 hours. "thud"

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September 11, 2022

21 Years

21 years after this debacle, we sit in utter defeat.
Afghanistan is back under the control of the Taliban, with millions of dollars in military kit to boot. 

 One nightmare scenario posited in the uncertain days after this debacle has indeed come to pass. Other cities have been razed by terrorists and even more of our countrymen killed, but those who burned those cities, were not from, or inspired by, the religious zealots who did this. Because, far from coming together, we have turned on each other. 

The security apparatus set up, ostensibly to deal with the threat these terrorists posed, has been turned on our own people, quite selectively as it happens, based on political affiliation. 

The public health apparatus which mobilized to deal with a bio-warfare attack, likewise descended upon our freedoms like wolves when a disease WAS unleashed, in part be research funded by those same health officials, ostensibly to prevent such a thing. 

These awful developments were the result of some long term trends, but the opportunists that made them happen were able to use these attacks to disable the institutional and civic safeguards that otherwise would have kept those tendencies in check. 

It was the day that everything changed.

The day the country went off the rails. 

A person born on that dark day would be old enough to drink today.

This event is, today, like Pearl Harbor was to a kid in the '60s, something old farts talked about, one of those past things from back before things got normal like they are now....because this "normal" is all they've ever known. 

However, if we learned anything on that day (and it appears we didn't learn much other than how not to do things), stability is ephemeral. 

Prepare accordingly. 

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Picture is Unrelated

Art by TokyoGenso

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August 24, 2022

Streamery Alert! (Updated)

My internet alter ego will be doing a unscheduled stream in about 25 minutes To check out the updates to Final Fantasy 14 Online that caused the server downtime that precluded Monday's stream. 

This weekend, we'll be doing a long stream Saturday night, beginning at  20:00 EDT/ 00:00 UTC with another silent film watch party, The 1920 German thriller "The Golem"!

After that we will continue pursuing the main quest in Final Fantasy 14 until we drop. Stop by and join us for the thrills and the fun at twitch.tv/brickmuppet.

UPDATE: A power failure caused by a nearby lightning strike delayed the stream, and when we started internet connectivity would not allow streaming more than 20 minutes at a time before the stream dropped. We'll try to do this next week once we are sure everything works. 

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Dead Internet Theory Gets Another Data Point

The Dead Internet Theory posits that the internet is now mostly 'bots generating anodyne content and pretending to be human. 

I'm skeptical because I'm human and as readers are aware I'm fully capable of producing anodyne content.

However, it now comes out that a Whistleblower at Twitter, one very high up in the companies hierarchy, is claiming  that Twitter may be as much as 50% bots and ...
...that Twitter violated the terms of an 11-year-old settlement with the Federal Trade Commission by falsely claiming that it had a solid security plan. Zatko’s complaint alleges he had warned colleagues that half the company’s servers were running out-of-date and vulnerable software and that executives withheld dire facts about the number of breaches and lack of protection for user data, instead presenting directors with rosy charts measuring unimportant changes.

If true it means that Elon Musks complaints, based on his own analysis were valid.

It also means that at least in the case of Twitter, "Dead Internet Theory" has some merit. 

I have an anecdote related to this. When I stream on Twitch I rarely get more than a few viewers in the course of even a long stream, yet when I look at chat at the very beginning of a stream, even when I'm doing an unscheduled stream, I can have as many as thirty "viewers" at least some of whom are known Twitchbots (like 'ComanderRoot'). This implies that Twitch is at least aware of the bots (as they don't count towards my stream viewership requirements for monetization). I'm one data point and my internet expertise can be summed up as "potato" but in light of these revelations about Twitter, it's food for thought.

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Notes On Spam

I note that a percentage of spam comments are for a dating site in Sydney. 

No doubt they are aimed at the blogs IT  administrator.

This leaves me to wonder if all the comments pushing crypto, solar panels, wooden decks, Bangalore whores, or bulk quantities of frozen chicken feet are also misdirected attempts to assist Pixy. 

Dang....I deleted them.

Sorry Pixy. 

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August 16, 2022


Mom is under the weather. So much under the weather that she is undergoing radiation therapy. 

She's had cancer twice so I'm going down there for a few days. 

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At a Loss For Words

I've tried for several days to put  together my thoughts on how bad the Mara Lago raid was and why. I find myself deleting half-written posts in frustration or sitting and staring at the keyboard. 

Then I read up on the Spanish Civil War which does not improve my mood.

Two recent op-eds, do sum up the gravity of the situation, though I think both are too sanguine about where we go from here, particularly this one. The other article, I note, while more tempered in its analysis is, like the first essay linked, a call to arms. This is not comforting.

We are on dangerous ground. Half the country, when it acknowledges them at all, looks at the other half with contempt. The other half views them in turn with a mixture of fear and disgust.

This is a state of affairs that cannot stand. 

It's not just ignorance and misunderstanding either, both sides have fundamental and irreconcilable differences in their view of the role and function of government, the status and responsibilities of the individual, and the very concept of what is personal space.

I must say that the trend of the last few years is....worrisome.

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August 15, 2022

In Which I get to Point Out Unironicaly That Tik-Tok Kills

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August 07, 2022

The Return of the Good Old Days

Polio Virus Photo Via

Polio, a disease that once was a seasonal horror, that killed or paralyzed millions and was only eliminated in North America in 1979 through the genius of Jonas Salk has returned to the U.S. 

Inflation, gas shortages domestic terrorism, riots, foreign policy disasters, Weimar-like degeneracy, paranoia and polio.  The '70s are here again baby. 

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