March 26, 2023


So I woke up late this morning. Very, very late.

It's actually 13:21 EST. 
I've got some errands to run before I stream at 18:00, but before I ran out the door in a mad tizzy I checked my E-mails. 
And there in my gmail account vying for attention with all the "5.56mm ammo IN STOCK" spam was a message from the blogfather, the Antipodean of awesomeness, the man himself, Pixy Misa. 

"The problem with the blog is fixed.  Please return my pet turtles unharmed."

So before I run out into the world, let's test this to see if it works. 

Some current event commentary

A link

Yep it looks like it's working again. 
Thanks Pixy. 

They are in the pup tent set up on the road 5 miles east of your house in a ventilated box marked "DANGER SALMONELLA"

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March 12, 2023

Remember: When Doing the Spicy Curry Challenge...

Bleach is a base and therefore does not qualify as a spice. 


Picture of Bleach Bottle Goes Here

This unfortunate fact befell a Japanese school teacher last September who got transferred to a different homeroom against her wishes. She responded to this affront by sneaking BLEACH into the curry of her new one does....when one is crazy and evil....and a public school teacher. 

This story was covered by various outlets at the time but her trial has garnered some coverage as well. Her stated reasoning seems to be that she did not want the students to "create happy memories without me" (Giggle translate is here). This does not make sense because she attempted to poison the new class, not the class she was unhealthily attached to. 

Nevertheless Miss. Munchausen by Proxy Sensei seems to have gotten transferred into the class of a protagonist in some kids elementary school drama because the child  in charge of distributing the curry noted that it was emanating bleach stank and, being unimpressed with the teachers response to their concerns, warned the class and got the principle, saving their class. 

Miss Munchausen by Proxy Sensei was the only teacher who did not show up for the all hands meeting the principle called after being tracked down by the principle confessed to the crime and related in great detail how she'd done it. 

Reaction Image Goes Here

Thankfully, no one was hurt. 

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March 11, 2023

When WAS the Last Time I Was in Hong Kong?

Was I there Thursday? 

Did I rent room 3317 at the VT Holiday in Hong Kong? 

(Checks Thursday's itinerary "Work, Laundry, Dishes, Dinner, Streaming, Sleep") 


I was in Southeastern Virginia all day. card has been hacked. 

Well, Poop. 


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March 06, 2023

Kancelled Kettle

Well. Fuck. 

As was mentioned briefly in the brief post talking about the Silvervale situation, Pikamee had a similar experience to Silvervale in that she announced that she was going to be playing The Game That Must Not be Named. This also resulted in massive harassment from the degenerate hellions that get their marching orders from the latest Twitter encyclical. This included death threats and doxxing. 

You see, J.K. Rowling (the creator of Harry Potter) has expressed views that do not align perfectly with the most extreme transgender activists. Thus, playing the game is said by Twitter freaks to be literally killing somebody with gender dysphoria. 

Normally the rantings of mentally ill cultists can just be ignored, but this is more difficult when you are a public figure who has to engage the public. It is also much harder when the gleeful lynch mobs actively hound you. 

Pikamee has been to the U.S. and speaks English, but is not obsessed with politics and really has no frame of reference for our blinkered gender ideology debates and associated insanity, which was, no doubt, an out of context problem from her perspective. This foul brigading becomes very hard to ignore with when doxxing and death threats are involved and this is particularly true in Japan given fairly recent events involving idols

They mercilessly bullied this poor girl from another country who had literally nothing to do with any of this this lunatic critical studies shit. They brigaded her so ferociously that she cancelled plans to play the game. Then she was hounded into cancelling another stream. And another

Pikamee has now announced she's "graduating", which is a neurotically polite Japanese euphemism for idols that basically means retirement. 

Pikamee was a hilarious and talented bi-lingual streamer that helped to establish V-tubing as a genre. Pikamee clips have made the rounds for years, have been the basis of countless memes and have brought joy to millions. 

Now, because of some mentally ill narcissistic cultists, she's gone. 

I'm not a particular fanboi of Rowling or her views. Her TERFitude is an extension of her very anti-male brand of feminism, but her remarks on the trans issue have not been particularly hateful or insane. (Biological men in women's locker rooms is a legitimate concern, as some unfortunate schoolgirls here in Virginia found out 2 years ago). 

However, my opinion on one bit of somebody's public persona are not really germane to anything. She's an individual. Rowling wrote a popular series of books, that, while not MY cup of tea, are well crafted, beloved, and got millions of kids to actually read.  Furthermore, I generally believe that we should separate the art from the artist in most cases that don't involve violence*. 

Speech is not violence. 

Violence is violence.

But we're now in a situation where normal discourse is counted as violence and actual violence by political extremists is considered speech. 

This cannot stand. 

I noted on stream last night that I stream on an iMac and my only console is a PS2, but if I had the equipment I'd stream HOGWART'S LEGACY in a hot minute. I'll also support anyone who does so. I'm gonna buy the game (a game I cannot play) next week. I hope it is the best selling game of the year and these pitiless Jacobin myrmidons get their noses rubbed in their own impotence. 

Good by Pikamee.

Thanks for all the fun. 

*(Lovecraft's stated views on ethnicity and race were abhorrent, but his work brilliant. If he were alive, I'd not vote for him. Marrion Zimmer Bradely ran a pedophile ring, so I've tossed her books.)

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March 05, 2023

In Which We Engage In Plaigarism and VERY Poor Taste

The fact that this thing had me in stitches probably means I'm a bad person.

(Trigger Warning: Profanity, gore, deep deep lore!)

Check out Moonshine Animations & Support them on Patreon!

I actually saw this on a Pipkin Pippa "best of" clip the other day, she really seemed to enjoy it.

Pixy mentions that this is actual, physical stop motion, and not a CGI facsimile thereof, which is impressive!

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March 01, 2023


So, night before last, ACAB, Defund the Police, and "Law and order is racist!" finally got results in the form of a running gun battle down my suburban street that shot out several car windows and missed a neighbors head (in his house) by about 8 inches. 

Don't know how much longer I'm gonna be staying here. 

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Yes We're Reduced to Running Ads In Hopes of Getting Images Back

There is ONE Blockbuster left on Earth....and they have a commercial. 

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February 27, 2023

Work Around Test

I still cannot load images to the blog.

However, it's only taken my big brained self 2 frigging MONTHS to see if I can do a work around by posting images I've already loaded.

Oh good.

I can do a post on A.I. now.

Oh wait, Stross already has. (via)

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February 21, 2023

Pipkin Pippa Explains The Problem

Silvervale weighs in briefly here. (Warning, it's sad and painful to watch)

Loosing Pikamee to these bullies is appalling. 

Also, Twitch automod can make ANYTHING worse. 

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February 20, 2023

Don't Choke on That Black Pill

Well, it seems that James O'Keefe has been pushed out at Project Veritas.There have been rumors of this for several days along with contradictory reports from the company. There have also been persistent, (but unsourced and vague) reports that during and after the Pfizer story he and others at the company were approached by several members of the board who noted that the organization could get a LOT more money if they just didn' know...push the big pharma stories, and that if they'd look the other way they could get LOTS of money to do an awful lot of other areas....reporting on other things. 

James has just given an apparently heartfelt, if somewhat rambling speech in which he seems to confirm the darkest rumors including that they are being leaned on by the IRS (which wants them to switch to all zoom meetings!). 

Reaction Image Goes Here

Pleasant Celebratory Picture With Just a Touch of Fan Service Goes Here
So it looks like someone was sufficiently annoyed by the Pfizer story seeing the light of day that they drove a dump-truck full of money up to Project Veritas and emptied it on those who would take the 30 pieces of silver.

So yeah. One of the few really good investigative news outlets has been nerfed, and rendered completely untrustworthy by the very entities that make such reporting so important. Furthermore it will continue as a zombie organization doing the bidding of it's new masters.

If this is all true, O'Keefe did not take the offer. He kept his integrity, and quit, singing to the four winds, so we know this happened.  And we, the public can adjust accordingly. 

So, do not give into despair, for the world is indeed  a dark place, but it can still be lit with courage, integrity and hope. 

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Home Again Home Again Giggity Gig

Dad's surgery was much more successful than had been feared. The doctor called Friday to assure us that the surgeons HAD gotten all the cancer and no chemo would be needed. 

Dad is in pain, but he's ambulatory and can take care of himself, So I have returned to home and went to work this morning. 

Pleasant, Celebratory Picture With Just a Touch of Fan Service Goes Here:

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February 16, 2023


Dad went in for some out-paitent surgery day before yesterday. 

It became in-paitent surgery. It's pretty serious.  He gets discharged this evening. 

I'm concerned enough that I've taken off work and am going down today to help help them out for a few days. 

My folks do not have internet and even cell-service is spotty, so there will be no streams for a while. 

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February 14, 2023

Meanwhile: At FarmCon

You might learn more at the Agricultural Commodities Convention than you would ordinarily think. 

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Happy Single's Awareness Day!

I hope everyone is doing well! 

I will leave this here to compensate for the banality below the fold. 

Cute and Sexy Narmaya Being Cute and Sexy Cutely and Sexily and yet SFW Goes Here

 Narmaya Drawing That's SFW Despite Being Fanart With a Valentine Theme is by Samgo.

Oh well. 

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January 30, 2023

Nothing to See Here! This is NOT Happening!

So.  Note the grammatical error to prove an AI didn't write this

Last week Project Veritas released footage of the number 4 man at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals talking up a Grinder date and attempting to impress said date by displaying a knack for psychopathy and mass murder. Specifically, he was talking about Pfizer mutating COVID 19 and releasing new variants into the environment in order to create a market for new vaccine boosters...that would presumably be made to order by Pfizer before hand.

 Reaction Image Goes Here

Of course, WHY, exactly, he thought that revealing that he was working in the proud traditions of Vault Tech, Umbrella Corporation, and Weyland Yutani was gonna get him some sexy-fun-times is unclear. I'd think that anyone turned on by this is probably a bug chaser. 

Additionally, what he was boasting about is not just a summer movie plot, it's an atrocity that if true has resulted in upwards of a million deaths. This is beyond even most of the more lurid conspiracy theories.

Veritas attempted to follow up with the fellow who went kind of bonkers...

He claimed that he had lied....please believe him, he was a liar, and he didn't even work for Pfizer (shockingly that last bit was a lie, as he is an executive at Pfizer meaning that, he is indeed a liar, just as he said he was before he attacked James O'Keefe. So I guess we should believe wait). 

Now as I write this, there seems to be a huge effort to bury this story. Uh...which does not engender the skepticism I wish to feel at this point.

And of course that proves that there's nothing going on. Because such coverups only happen in movies. 

Reaction Image Goes Here

This is how you get clickers. 

I don't know what to believe about this. But given the craziness of the last few years, I'm not nearly as skeptical as I ought to be.  

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January 29, 2023

I'm beginning to think....

...that Velma might not be worth watching. 

I'm not a Scooby Doo fanboy, but like most Americans my age, I'm pretty familiar with the franchise, which was a fairly inoffensive kids show  that had the benefit of explaining, in very kid friendly terms, Occam's Razor. That is; those unusual goings on are probably not actually aliens, tar monsters, or ghost pirates. Instead, there's probably a perfectly mundane explanation, like a real estate scam or something. 
This seems to me to be a good thing to be teaching kids.
Besides killing off the eponymous talking dog, Velma appears, like so much of today's media, to be injecting critical theory into every aspect of the show. Additionally, it seems to have just been vindictively bad. What I mean is, if the reviews are to be believed, every plot point seems designed to insult or piss off fans of the show, which makes me wonder who the target audience for this fiasco actually is. I am spectacularly unconcerned with the race swapping, but basically everything else looks horrid. 

I'm particularly astonished that Ironmouse, one of the most talented indie-V-tubers, who is usually great at improv, finds herself unable to do much more than cuss and describe aspects of the show with dumfounded confusion and horror. 

Both V-tubers note the fact that the cast is in high-school, which is completely inappropriate for the subject matter.

I was not going to watch this show. I don't have enough time to hate watch anything, and doing so would only add to these insane writer's click-count. However, this show seems so monumentally, deliberately bad that it is actually bewildering and warrants some comment. 

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January 09, 2023

A Documentary

Russian combat capabilities have been in the news lately, so, for your edification and some historical context here is some actual film footage of the Russo-Japanese war. 

Note: Authenticity is disputed by some academics.

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Is This Thing Still On?

Is it BACK on? 

Oh good. 

So, a lot has happened since last I posted, let's skim over four things. 

Kari Lake lost her suit alleging that she was cheated out of the governors' race in Arizona.  Well, she did basically prove that she lost due to chicanery, but she ALSO had to prove intent. Which, in the absence of psychics is basically impossible. Significantly, she DID stay out of jail, and paid no fines beyond court costs which the current, dubious, but legally acknowledged governor was pushing for.

Lake had the receipts, much more so than Trump did in 2020, but like Trump, she ran into the issue that our system has little or no capacity to overturn a certified election. 

Neo had timely thoughts on this here and here

I fear this sordid mess will only radicalize people.



For some years whackaloons of all stripes (except the tankies...oddly enough) have been spinning crazy tales of conspiritoria regarding how the "deep state", especially the FBI and CIA have been censoring people and interfering in elections to keep people not in "the club" from political power. Over Christmas, Elon Musk responded to this silly conspiracy theory by providing actual documentation that confirmed everybody's worst fears. Apparently someone did not realize The Lives of Others was a cautionary tale and not a civics lesson. 

It's amusing to watch the Wikipedia page on this change minute to minute. 



We still can't post images, but our crack team of bloggers (Me, myself, & I) are not gonna wait for that to get fixed anymore and are posting again. 

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December 25, 2022

Mission Accomplished

The last brown truck has left the building.

All the presents are out. 

The blog won't let me publish images, and I'm still too tired and busy to type.

But the upcoming week's schedule is.....sane.

Stay tuned. 

The blog is back.

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December 10, 2022

"Ack!" (Thud)

Banality follows:


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