October 03, 2017

75% Non-Excrable

I missed an episode of The Orville when they switched nights. Fortunately, (well... not for him) J. Greely took the hit and was able to provide  a warning to us all

Having missed that, I actually watched episode 4 and I can say that three quarters of the episodes thus far have not reeked of vomit and shame. In fact the three I've seen have all been quite solidly mediocre. 

This is a by the numbers Star Trek show that appears to have been written by the perfectly straightforward method of recording week night sessions of Star Trek the Role-Playing Game, where the house rules include "no transporters" and two of the players really just want to play Starfleet Battles, so the GM sets up a separate Hex map for them in the table next to the wet bar. 

At least that's what it feels like.

It's REALLY not high art, but I'm going to keep rolling the dice on this show for now.

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1 ...did somebody say "Starfleet Battles"?

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tue Oct 3 21:16:19 2017 (Mxu+F)

2 I've been enjoying it.

Posted by: Mauser at Tue Oct 3 22:42:17 2017 (TYvUn)

3 So far I like the show.  They may have front-loaded the fart jokes to an extent.
Episode 3 was a better version of TNG's

Posted by: Rick C at Wed Oct 4 13:55:07 2017 (ECH2/)

4 Aww, man, I was sure I put those spoiler tags in right.

Posted by: Rick C at Wed Oct 4 13:55:49 2017 (ECH2/)

5 Rick: "Episode 3 was a better version of TNG's (spoiler)"

I disagree, even though I disliked that TNG episode, and the reason is: the 5th-season TNG episode took a well-developed character and put him into a situation that challenged his attitudes and the audience's expectations. Its failures were arguably due to not being able to get away with more in 1992.

The corresponding Orville episode fails largely because no one put any real thought into it (and, yes, I've read detailed spoilers of how it's resolved).


Posted by: J Greely at Wed Oct 4 15:22:41 2017 (tgyIO)

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