July 20, 2018

49 Years

Over 300 thousand years after people first gazed up at our planets companion, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin strode across its surface. by 1973, 12 men from Earth had walked on the moon. 

Today, only Aldrin, Scott and Duke remain alive.

For 300 thousand years no one alive had been to the moon.

We are very close to that being true again,. 

This would be a rather shameful and worrisome regression to the mean. 

This worry is more profound than mere disappointment at opportunities lost. This, if it is indeed permanent marks the first time that western civilization has turned its back upon a frontier.

Ours is a civilization that has, over the last 300 odd years, been a most remarkable and generally hopeful deviation from the squalid norms of those 300 millennia.

A regression to the mean of human history is something to be truly dreaded, and if this ignoring of a new frontier is a leading indicator, then the future promises to be grim indeed. 

Let's hope that the lunatics (hah!) that continue to dream big can provide the impetus for our society to continue its deviation from the previous cycles of human history...or at least provide a lifeline for some to escape its return to the norm.

Art by the late Roy Scarfo who understood that if, for some bizarre, illogical, reason, skirts.(especially miniskirts) were ever to become a thing in space, they would be closely associated with tights.      
Because physics.

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