June 17, 2017

45 + 3

Regarding the late unpleasantness in Alexandria, as I understand it, if some utter nutbar were to start killing congressmen with the intention of flipping the legislature, then their threshold would be 45 representatives and three senators.

Most accounts have the republican congressional baseball team at 33 members so even given the possibility that a few non-team members might be present and more crucially if Mr. sweetness and light's shooting skills had been closer to Annie Oakley than Skippy the Stormtrooper, he'd still not have changed the world. 

So rejoice. In order to flip congress, one would have to kill 48 people.

These are people who are public figures and as part of their job descriptions mingle with the public and aside from the house leadership, have no specialized security. 

So fear not. One would need some way of coordinating such an attack, and people willing to do it. Hell, one would practically need a whole bunch of very dedicated paramilitary street thugs who see the other side as inhuman monsters. 

Then one would only control one branch of government. The President and Vice President would both have to be impeached by the new majority and surely a bunch of congress critters would stand on principal and not allow that to happen to such a popular and beloved President. 

So there.
Enjoy the weekend and relax.

Art by Ruhig

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