October 12, 2008

Politics...It's Just Like a Catfight with Teams!

.....but with rather higher stakes.
(As usual,the politics are below the fold....)

As I type this McCain is behind in the pols and pulling out a win is going to be challenging to say the least. Given that I have many issues with McCain on certain policy points, particularly concerning the role and function of the federal government, the enthusiasm of my support for his candidacy has caused some people I know a bit of confusion.

This is a particularly important election.

The Junior Senator from Illinois is just a disturbing prospect for the presidency.

This is still the case without even TOUCHING on the very well documented stuff about Ayers...or the fact that Ayers and Dohrn are merely some of the more odious of the Chosen One's far left associate....

This goes beyond the disaster his economic policies have caused ( He sued Citigroup to FORCE them to grant subprime loans) and would  likely exacerbate as we head into a recession, especially given historical precedent.

He is worrisome even without the related but more disturbing news that multiple cities are reporting massive amounts of voter registration fraud being perpetrated by his allies in ACORN . Thoughts on ACORN are here as well as a very long, but informative article from 2003
(Both were received  via E-Mail from Mysterious Hollywood Informant)
And here is more on ACORN's a non-trivial role in the recent sub-prime debacle.

No...it gets more basic than that... 

The Dems recently threatened Non-Profits with loss of tax exempt status if they did not dis-invite Palin to an event.
Barry O' recently enlisted the aid of the fricking police ( no really) to squash negative ads in Missouri. (this was ostensibly to enforce a UK style libel law in effect in that state)
The all seeing gawd-head sun king has threatened stations FCC licenses if they run political ads he disproves of (and truth is no defense).
The Øne asked his people to "get in the faces" of his political opponents, and clog the phone lines on stations to denounce opposing views.

This does not bode well for civil liberties under an Obama administration.
Obama does not openly support he fairness doctrine, but his denials are dubious at best and even if it were not implemented, the chilling effect of the above sorts of intimidation, if done from a federal level, would be a serious threat to the Republic...particularly if the Congress, as is likely is Democratic in both houses.

Oh, and anyone who brings these items up is a racist.

For 8 years the left has raged over the airwaves, across the internet and in print that Bush was crushing dissent and shutting down the first amendment.All through the Bush Administration celebrities, left wing (and right wing) pundits, politicians and bloggers have railed against the 'fascist policies' of the President....always from a vantage point that is inexplicably outside the nations...um...many gulags...
Yet on the above, very disturbing precedents...these guardians of the first amendment are silent. Forgive me for not taking their concerns or reassurances to heart.

I have issues with McCain, but he seems to be a decent guy. He has certainly walked the walk in a lot of ways and whatever policy differences one might have, it is pretty clear from his behavior under the worst circumstances that he is going to do his damned level best to do right by the country.

Of course, mention should be made that McCain and Palin are, in the words of some, whipping up vigilantism. This is because at the less filtered, more open and rather more interactive McCain Palin rallies, asshats get on camera. Candidates have a responsibility to reign this sort of thing in ......but look here as McCain stokes the fires of primal hatred....

..Oh...wait...perhaps that's a bad example of stoking fires...here...

...oh my bad...

It is being reported that Palin has injected  racist overtones into the campaign by insinuating that a presidential candidate who has been palling around with domestic terrorist for 20 years has been...
...get this...
....palling around with domestic terrorists (who are white).

More on this disconnect here and here. The notion that no negative comment can be made about this guy without the commenter being declared racist has terribly troubling implications for future discourse, particularly given the previously mentioned respect for free speech.

Making criticism tantamount to racism is deeply troubling. Godwins law is bad enough, Barak's law, particularly if combined with the sort of speech codes we see on US campuses or in the Canadian "human rights" tribunals has the potential to really throw a spanner in our discourse. Such worries are not accademic, the Democrats, should Obama winn will control Congress and the presidency and will have the Supreme Court in hand in short order.

As to the "perils" of a McCain administration, McCain has vast amounts of experience, in legislative matters, foreign policy and bipartisan overture's. He is old, and 'crochity', but his age reflects his considerable experience, and one of the biggest criticisms from the right is his insistence that the discourse remain respectful, as shown above. In stark contrast to Obama he attempted to head off the sub-prime debacle.

Palin has less experience than McCain but has served in government nearly twice as long than Obama. (16 years as opposed to 10) She has recent real world experience,actual business experience, and executive experience that none of the other candidates can match. Her Gubanitorial record has been remarkably successful despite significant obstacles from the corrupt officials whose gravy train she ended. Despite much criticism and a firestorm of scrutiny, the greatest "scandal" that could be dredged up to date seems to be that she pressured for the firing of a cop who was an abusive, drunken, poaching, stalker.

Neither of these candidates is perfect but to expect perfection from a politician is to fall into the trap of never voting or, as so many of Obamas followers have, enlisting in a personality cult. Both of the Republican candidates seem competent, and they compliment each others strengths quite well.

To me there is no contest.

Your mileage may vary.

Image of standard political discourse taking place is promo art from some show called Pre Cure 5 Go!Go!

UPDATE : Earlier this post  mentioned that Obama was  a firm backer of the Marxist thug who incited the ethnic riots in Kenya earlier in the year.... This is appears to not be true.... See here.

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Much of what you've written rings similar alarm bells in my mind about the Obama campaign.  I've also noticed an odd characteristic regarding the opposing sides in this race in particular:  if the Obama campaign is criticized, the reply/result is an immediate counterattack against the critic/critic's party/critic's candidate rather than any sort of reasoned argument.  The opposite is true if the McCain campaign is attacked (for the most part, YMMV and exceptions abound) - the reply/responses first consists of reasoned arguments, followed up by attacks on the policies/stands/associates of Obama.  Finally, Obama as a person is criticized/denounced. 

The method of reply/response speaks volumes of the people involved.  Obama's followers are highly emotionally involved in this campaign and strike out emotionally against perceived attackers without use of reason or logic, while most McCain followers attempt to use reason, logic and rhetoric to make their point and reserving the emotional response for last. 

Politically, the presidential election process is liberal/Democrat verses conservative/Republican, but realistically it is more "emotionally-based" verses "reason-based." 

While I have my doubts and disagreements with the policies of Senator McCain, the prospects of Senator Obama as president frighten me.

Posted by: JT at Mon Oct 13 11:02:39 2008 (HO6Is)

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