January 01, 2020


To those born under the sign of Unix like myself that number has long represented a date so far in the future as to be beyond belief. It was described as a time of undersea cities, space colonies, and flying cars. Heck, even Blade Runner wasn't set that far in the future and that had offworld colonies and burning attack ships off the shoulder of Orion.

Well, here we are.
There are no ships off the shoulder of Orion aside from the potential for forced perspective observations of the ISS from some locations.
On the other hand it's not burning right now.
Unlike Australia, which got to 2020 before we did and then promptly caught fire.
So while I wish you all a happy, prosperous and safe new year, I advise you to stay on your toes while doing it.

In the meantime, celebrate the year of the iron rat by eating some cheese.

Art by 巻羊 (Roll Sheep? Kegari?) Anyhoo, you can support them on Fanbox and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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1 The fire season has been pretty bad.  It's gone on for longer than any year I can recall, but partly because it's been slower-moving.  Previously we've had massive fires that break out and burn out in a day or two, fanned by high winds.

In this outbreak, 17 people have died over three months, but as recently as 2009, 180 people died in a single day.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wed Jan 1 07:25:44 2020 (PiXy!)

2 Also, I'm out of - no, wait.  Yeah, still have an unopened block of cheddar in the fridge.  Panic averted.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wed Jan 1 07:26:44 2020 (PiXy!)

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