July 22, 2012

Occupy Gothan

This was an exceptional film.

I did not expect a cross -over. Ending both the El Santo and Batman franchises was interesting, but seeing El Santo be so bitter and twisted in his old age was heartbreaking. Still, the team-up between Batman and Blue Demon at the end and the epic battle with them saving the orphanage full of Hispanic kids was a nice touch. It was inspiring to see Blue Demon taking up (and redeeming) El Santo's sullied torch.

That last paragraph may not be entirely accurate, but it has the virtue of being spoiler free.

In all seriousness this was a very good film. I advise you not to blink though, as it is an exceedingly complex one.  It wraps up the trilogy quite nicely.

Despite its length,  the film doesn't feel too long. The pacing is superb

The cast is stellar. Micheal Caine has a smaller role than in previous films but it is pivotal and, as usual, he is awesome every second he's on screen. Anne Hathaway is indeed a worthy catwoman  Bane is a much more interesting and scary villain than I thought possible. Though his face is behind a mask, Tom Hardy's sheer bulk is imposing and his mannerisms convey an aristocratic air that is at once ironic and fitting when taken with his egalitarian pronouncements. 

I'm surprised this film got made. It's very rare to see French Revolutionary rhetoric presented in anything but a glowing light, let alone presented (as this movie does ) in all its squalid, two faced horror.

There were lots of nice touches

It was all in all one of the best films I've seen in years.

If you haven't...go watch it. (But do see the first two films first)

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