July 02, 2020

10 PM Who is ringing the DoorBell


Well yeah. I'm OK. I had just finished watching a stream when someone rang the doorbell A LOT for a short moment which coincided with both the yard and porch light going out. So there was some stress as there had also been sporadic gunfire earlier in the evening (though nothing like two weeks ago) . This was added to about 30 minutes later when THE PHONE RANG.

Start time had changed...could I come to work?

I'm off now at 09:55. There was no damage to the house. The porch light seems to have burnt out and the yard light just isn't working. The city has been doing some construction in my yard and street for about 147 years so that might be related. 

The doorbell seems to work. I imagine it was just kids, which makes me glad it did not escalate since it would be unfortunate for them to acquire 00buckshot or .38 caliber piercings, fashionable as body metal may be nowadays. 

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1 DHL delivery drivers trolling you?

Posted by: Rick C at Thu Jul 2 23:00:14 2020 (Iwkd4)

2 Are you okay?

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Fri Jul 3 00:19:17 2020 (sF8WE)

3 Well, that's a relief to hear.
Several years ago the perp in a domestic violence case wound up at my side door, pounding on it (thinking someone would let him in to get away from the cops; as if). I didn't have, uhhh....a form of defense...at that time (other than kitchen knives, I guess) so I was glad when the police dispatcher said "yeah, the cops are headed up your street, put on your porch light so it's easier for them to know which house to stop at"
I've kept a porch light on at night since that time. The new one I have has a nifty sensor that turns it on automatically.

Perp left BLOOD on my door (his own) and believe me, I moon-suited up to wash that stuff off with bleach the next day.

Posted by: fillyjonk at Fri Jul 3 17:56:54 2020 (+MBAo)

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