April 15, 2009

...and then there was an Earth shattering KABOOM!

Pictured is, of course,  Rumiko Takahashi's  Lum and as such is, regrettably, unrelated to the banality mentioned below the fold.
The last few days have been dominated by worry over my mothers health but there have been other issues that while of less profound concern have nevertheless been most annoying....
Over the last week and a half , I've had a broken pipe under the trailer,
a term paper presentation rescheduled most inconveniently, classes canceled (I could have gotten a SHOWER), work hours reduced further, paid my lot rent....and a large yard upkeep fine....in part because the lawnmower died and in part because while I was at my folks house, someone decided once again that my yard is a good place to put sinks, refrigerators and other debris..cleaning up the latter is not fully finished for reasons that will become clear in a moment. I still owe nearly 2 grand to the school for this semester, I've been sick and the Pickup of Peril has been making odd noises at certain speeds.

Yesterday, this latter came to a head most spectacularly as I drove down Hampton Boulevard. There was a sudden clanging followed by a grinding noise and what sounded like a 3 round burst from a 76mm cannon...shooting at a pile of garbage cans. I looked out the rear view mirror to see the left rear tire enveloped in sparks.
Well...this was potentially bad.
I pulled into the nearest turn off which turned out to be a church parking lot, and coasted...for there as no power being transmitted from the engine to the tires..into a parking spot.
It turns out that the drive shaft had detached (!?) from the rear axle and, as it was still attached to the engine had stopped spinning solely  on its axis and begun whirling around under the truck. It tore holes in the bed and  the gas tank (I am very fortunate this truck is a diesel). After dealing with the tow truck, arranging alternate transportation and coping with rush hour traffic, I was nearly 10 minutes late for class. The result of this being I missed a quiz.

The truck may be dead for good this time, at any rate there is large bill a' comin'.

Todays saftey  lesson...Diesels ROCK!


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1 Did you desecrate a shrine?

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