March 23, 2014

Log Horizon Ends (Sort Of)

Log Horizon has been fairly surprising all along and its ending was more so. It is not at all the sort of climax one would expect from a fantasy adventure show that has been steadily escalating, being instead something of a denouement to the epic tale that was the first 22 episodes.

There are quite a few major revelations not the least of which is that there will definitely be a season two in the fall.

This has been a very good series and I highly recommend it. As an added bonus, it has remained  quite kid friendly and as I said in an earlier post, if I had kids this is the sort of show I'd be wanting them to watch. It's a show about a bunch of decent people who display great courage, ethics, hope and even a decent sense of  civics. It portrays a world where intelligence is admirable, ones principles are important and experience (and study habits) really do matter.

It's also been fun.

The fall season is going to have at least one show to look forward to.


Because the other pic had a disturbing lack of Princess Lanessia...

...and Crusty...

...and Crusty's shoulder pads.

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1 Bah. Those aren't even Space Marine sized, let alone Vlad Tzepesci sized.

It is a pretty great show, though. Had a lot in common with Maoyuu - stories of enormously powerful people trying to change the world through progress, who could just say "screw negotiation, I'm killing everyone else here" but for whom resorting to that is a losing solution. That said, much higher production values and a good set of characters.

Was expecting a more MMO-oriented solution to the merchant thing, though. "Five hundred tons, huh? Hm... how many magic bags we got here? Eighty? Ninety? That'll manage..." ;p

Also, Akatsuki moe.

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2 The reason why it's kid friendly is the location it's being broadcast, NHK.  The adaptation streamlines some of the less tidy bits from the light novel.  Defeated monsters don't just drop coins and loot, you have to literally skin and harvest the parts.  The fight description is also a wee bit more graphic, for example, Shiroe actually decapitating Demikas to get the point across in that fight for the rest of the bad guys there.
What I'm most surprised at is how fast the adaptation come into place.  The author of the light novel was having lunch with his agent when the agent mentioned that NHK was interested in adapting the novels into a Friday afternoon show.  He approved and though that the novel was a wee bit odd choice for NHK (to be sure, this show does teaches you the working of Capitalism and Governance rather well, so they do have the education bit down).  8 months later, the first episode aired.

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