May 26, 2021

A Pointless Question for my Readers

I don't follow Hololive closely, but i'm vaguely familiar with it. 

I guess I'm a Hololive casual. 

Has the shark been bitten by a radioactive cat? 'Cause  the last couple of days stuff of this nature...

...has been showing up rather a lot and I was wondering if it was just some freaky meme or some fan reaction to canon. 



I guess if one doesn't follow the streams and waits for the vids to be posted one can miss important developments and fail ones Weeb test. 

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May 16, 2021

Gas is Back

Almost all the gas stations now have fuel. There are no lines to speak of. 


" I don't have gas." Will no longer be an acceptable excuse for work. Hopefully, things will be better staffed and less hellish than they were this past week.

I fully understand why the volume spiked with people stocking up on supplies via online orders, but I cannot for the life of me grok why THOUSANDS of people looked at a petroleum shortage and said "Now's the time to buy a petroleum powered generator!" 

My back still hurts. 

Gas stations not ghast stations. There are no Ghasts in Southeastern Virginia. 

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I Did Not Realize How Prophetic This Show Was

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May 09, 2021


This is NOT a show that I would ordinarily have watched. From the promo material and character designs it would appear to be a show aimed at either little kids....or furries. 

However, Don over at Zoopraxiscope is a man of impeccable taste and he suggested it may be the best show of the season. I just watched episode one and it is certainly interesting. 

The show is indeed odd and much of the episode takes place in or very near a taxi so it already has truth in advertising going for it. 

Thus far it concerns a taxi driver in funny-animal-Tokyo. Oderoki, the fellow in the center of the bingo card above, is an anthropomorphic Walrus who drives a taxi and seems to be "on the spectrum" since he tries to make a mental conversational flow-chart with 5 or so options every time he sees somebody because he has no idea what will offend people. 

He is....blunt.  

This show has, even in subtitles, snappy and engaging dialog that seamlessly transitions between the anodyne and the...other side of this show, which sneaks up on one.

The art is unremarkable but it works and its soundtrack is absolutely superb. I'm not sure I'd buy the BGM but it complements the story very well and sets the tone in a way that few scores come close to.  

The cast of everymen and women are completely believable beyond the whole "anthro" thing and this show is astonishingly interesting. 

I'm definitely watching this one. 

Go visit Don. He's got all the necessary screencaps. 

Odd Taxi is fascinating actually and has fully grabbed me. 

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