March 28, 2012


Sometimes The Sun is a loving mother bringing life to the surface of the earth Sometimes it is a strict father bringing terrible trials. These trials, which have occurred many times since the creation of the earth have come once again. The land is dry, the oceans barren, what little life survives is on the verge of extinction, clinging to the thin atmosphere that remains. But some still live on in the dry seas of sand....

Thus begins Ozuma (Ozma?) a series set in a post apocalyptic future that has generated some buzz because it's a resurrection of a canceled early-80s Leiji Matsumoto project.

Although the beginning narration doesn't sound fun AT ALL, this show is rather more upbeat than its grim premise would suggest.

This show has a decidedly retro feel.. It's not just Matsumoto's distinctive art style, which is evident both in the characters and the very retro-futuristic mechanical designs, the story is a a throwback in a lot of ways with the dystopic 'future in a desert' so prevalent in the 80's.

In other ways the times have caught up to Matsumoto. He has generally had strong women to compliment his male leads and this series is no exception. Despite the grim backdrop, the characters are pretty likable, even admirable. The show has a somewhat whimsical, occasionally upbeat feel to it as well.

OZUMA also has a decent, somewhat catchy, theme song....

...In English.

The OP sounds God it sounds like it was translated from Japanese to English to fit the rhythm...(Like several US dubs in the 80's). I feel I should be watching this on a UHF channel in the late afternoon or at, like, six in the morning.

This is actually kind of brilliant!

Two episodes in, things are proceeding at a very decent pace. The story is actually engaging and seems to have a bit of depth to it. I'm really liking it thus far.

A quick collection of spoilers from episode 1 are below the fold.

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March 12, 2012

Hopeful Liscencing News.

Sentai has landed Unlimited Blade Works and K-On! season 2. This is hopeful because it indicates that some of the Bandai properties that were abandoned when Bandai USA dissolved may yet come over. ULBW gives some slim hope that there will be a version of Fate Zero available that is not....350 bucks.

Also the fact that they are putting out to have Bang Zoom do dubs for both is a vote of some confidence in there being a future.

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March 10, 2012

Pursue! Beat them to it! Take a piece of the action!

Just a few observations.

It's really nice to see that Kurihara actually enjoys her work... a lot.

It's somewhat reassuring that princesses are not exempt from child labor laws.

Slower than light generation starships ought not to be making hyperspace jumps.

I predict whining about the weather, as nebulae just aren't that thick. However, they established earlier that our heroes would be inspecting proto-stars and getting perilously close to black holes. The "turbulence" is arguably consistent with those.

Having watched the series thus far in 3 sittings it occurs to me that I've caught up...and need to wait a WHOLE WEEK until I can see more. That sucks.

For those than know not of what I are sad, deprived, pitiable souls and you have my deepest sympathies.

Here's a hint...


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