July 24, 2011

K-ON! DVD Volume 2

I had found the first 4 episodes of this show to be dry but cute and they had made me laugh. So last night, a friend and I popped in the second disc.

The show is still dry but the characters are developing quite well as the young ladies are hone their instrumental, singing and blackmail skills while dealing with the various speedbumps of life.  Unlike the shows earlier episodes the girls misadventures are not overwhelmingly failures. They do have quite a few successes: most notably in the blackmail department.

 Hearing Stephanie Shea and Christina Vee sing was...startling, but they did a pretty good job and the dub overall continues to be above average.

I actually like this show a lot more now. The faculty adviser is a surprisingly interesting character who really gets the show moving. As it is a show about a music club, one would expect there to be music, it does, and it has an awesome soundtrack.

The show is very cute, didn't bore me and made me laugh. It also teaches an important and sobering life lesson...madness can lurk in the most unexpected places.

Stark Raving Whackadoodle Win!

Anyway, I can firmly recommend the show. I will be collecting this.

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July 16, 2011

The Even Darker Underbelly of Fandom

Even worse than creepy fetishes.

Amy Player is Jordan Wood is Victoria Bitter is Andrew Blake
...and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Allow me to explain.

Some years ago, a fan from my neck of the woods (one Amy Player) convinced several members of the LOTR cast that she was Elijah Wood's nephew/cousin/brother/something'r'other and conned them (and a great many Lord of the Rings fans) into donating to and otherwise supporting a bogus charity that turned out to be the Amy Player enrichment fund.

It gets worse.
Much worse.

Now she/he* has gone and gotten people killed.

Colleen Doran has a long, well researched post on this.

Read the whole thing. It is incredible and it is all true.

 I see Ritzu and Yui have read it.

Be advised that, as one of her commenters points out, the story is like a TV tropes thread. This psychopath has cut an intricate, vast and nigh unbelievable swath of misery, theft and betrayal through several branches of fandom.

This has rather more urgency than it might because the person is still out there preying on people. Even now,  under the name Andrew Blake, this character is running...yet another charity. Appallingly, it is dedicated to the memories of those that this sick person helped get killed.

Warn your friends in fandom, especially those involved in cons. Put the word out. This louse is a crook and any charity said louse is involved in is likely to be a scam.

 There is a collection of photos of this parasite here.

There is an excellent written account of Amy Players Continent Spanning Lord of the Rings charity scam by Jeanine Renne. It can be bought here.


This gets creepier still.

It seems that there is another Andrew Blake who is actually known and presumably respected in the charity/NGO community.

This bit of trivia might explain why this waste of skin got such high profile endorsements for his most recent venture (Which includes Starbucks).


Via Colleen Doran

Oh how nice, a little clarification just got posted at the completely superfluous "It’s About Power” non-event.

"We are NOT a charity. We do not and have never solicited monetary donations nor do we accept them.
Under any circumstances.
The hike team has, however, sold items in order to fund their emergency cash as this kind of hike can be dangerous.
The only sponsorship we are currently requesting is 78lbs. of bison (or lean red) meat.”

Isn’t that special. Never claimed to be a charity? Never solicited donations? Pull the other one.

Backpedal faster, Andrew.

Someone really ought to tell these nitwits that a gift of property is just as tangible as a gift of money, and soliciting property is still soliciting.

There is no reason for anyone to sponsor this nonsense at all. Not even to feed the animals.

* ( its unclear to me if there was ever surgery involved, the person was a trap when going by the name Amy Player, or the person in question is just a misandrist moby pretending to be a guy)

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July 01, 2011

Zombie Cheesecake DENIED!

A few weeks ago Worlds Best Comics, the store run by my friend BOB!1!tm was robbed. The thief made off with the register...on a Sunday night/Monday morning...This was a pretty bad hit for the store.

One of the more minor bits of fallout from this was only just realized this week: In the ensuing Chaos and confusion the Sentai Filmworks order for June was not placed...no HSotD on the 28th. This has been rectified....but there is no Zombie Cheesecake for Ken this weekend.

So I wait.

In the meantime I ponder spontaneous hydroponics.

 I've cleaned my folks gutters 3 times this spring/summer...including less than a 2 weeks ago and yet... You know, there are people who PAY for hanging gardens and those who try very hard to get hydroponics systems to work. I should give them my parents gutters.

Anyway, as I was lying on the roof cleaning the gutters a fourth time in 3 months I encountered...a leech. Leeches are aquatic, not aboreal. They do not belong in my parents gutters. This leech was utterly wrong. A few minutes later along the gutter over the back of the house, I encountered wasps. Wasps fly and make nests under overhangs. These wasps were utterly correct...and yet I found the leech far less annoying.
Odd how that works.

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