March 28, 2011

Balls of Brass But Still an Ass

Interweb supersleuth Colleen Doran is on the case of Rob Granito, who has been doing the convention circuit passing himself off as the 'ghost artist' to many of the big names in the industry, and selling pirated copies of their work as his own.

Read the whole thing.

More here.

The chutzpah of this jerk is awe inspiring. is hit total lack of riting skillzez, wich caim bak2 biet him weh he tryed to use sockpuppetry to verifye his credetchulz.

Note: None of us here at Brickmuppet Blog created Gojira, Godzilla or any Toho monsters, nor did any of us portray them professionally in costume. We didn't even do this Demotivator, we just nicked it from Macro Chan.

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March 16, 2011

Zombie ADV...Does Zombies

I just received word from Sentai Film Works that the street date for High School of the Dead is June 28th.

Nothing gratuitous here. I'm sure.
Based on a successful manga, this thriller follows of a group of high school students and faculty dealing with a zombie apocalypse. It is directed by Tetsuro Araki who did DEATH NOTE and Black Lagoon, which means there is the potential for much win here.

It's heartening to see that Sentai is able to land a property as widely anticipated as this. It would seem to bode well for them

This show might be something of a bellwether on the market, which has been troubled of late. It certainly has wide name recognition, and, I am told, it has pretty much every base covered except 'kawaii'. ( As I understand it, action, cheesecake, horror, drama, zombies, and cheesecake). It's going to be interesting to see how it does. I'm getting a copy. Not just because I'm the sort of awful person that has been looking forward to this, but because I think that it may be quite important that this title succeed.

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March 07, 2011


I just watched Kannagi.
This re-imagining  of Galatea was an above average show, albeit a bit uneven.

A Shinto shrine on the outskirts of a mid-sized Japanese town has been rezoned and condemned. When the immense tree at the center of the shrine is cut down, the male lead, one Jin Mikuriya acquires a large piece of the tree from which to carve a statue in honor of the spirit the shrine worshiped. The statue comes to life as a vessel for the spirit. Fortuitously, our hero chose not to sculpt a many headed, toothy, squaemous, horror and instead carved a statue of a cute girl. Hijinks ensue...

The production quality of this show is outstanding, the story, a bit less so as it wanders between occult peril and the antics of  Nagi, the spirit, complicating the lives of our hero and his would-be girlfriend. There is fan-service, but, refreshingly, it consists mainly of a lot of references to Otaku culture thrown in by the 2 token geeks.

The story is never actually wrapped up and I get the distinct impression that it was canceled unfinished...14 episodes being an unusual number. The lack of any real resolution and the meandering focus is a bit unsatisfying, especially after a very strong first half.  Nevertheless, it is a cute, and often funny show. I enjoyed it overall. Recommended.

 Looks like Kyo-Ani did a cross promotion with Pizza Hut, despite the fact that no pizza is ever consumed in the series.

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