December 31, 2018

RWBY Season 6

After the dumpster fire that was the end of last season, RWBY's latest 8 episodes have been something of a shock.

A pleasant one.

Each of these episodes has had more plot and character development than the last half of last season, and most have had more action too. The fight choreography has risen in quality exponentially to levels that would make Monty proud and the show has managed to make the monsters scary again, with some episodes very effectively conveying a sense of existential  dread.

Even the most recent episode, where a bunch of characters desperately run around in circles not killing or breaking anything because someone forgot to leave a note, managed to advance the story while developing characters...

...and torturing them. 

I've been quite impressed with the season, but I'm now on my guard. The halfway point is where the last season went off the rails, crawled into its own navel and imploded, so this could all go to worms.

On the other hand, this season went "off the rails" in episode one and has doing great things ever since, so I remain hopeful. 

I certainly will be watching it.

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Zombieland Saga Ends (?)

Well, it looks like Zombieland Saga finally started running low on local places of interest....

...however the whackadoodle story sort of deepened towards the end and the show provided a quite satisfying ending that was not nearly as predictable as I'd thought it would be.

A couple of threads were left hanging, some of which are tossed aside in such a way as to suggest a sequel...

Which is almost an odd enough premise to work.

This was a 6 hour long idol show that doubled as a commercial for the Saga Chamber of Commerce. By all rights, given its purpose and premise, Zombieland Saga should have been a painting by numbers mess, and yet it ended up being a quirky little gem of a show.   Rewatch value is not particularly high, but if you were put off by the whole zombie thing in the promotions, or just missed it, I strongly suggest you give it a shot.

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December 15, 2018

Well, My First Post After Coming Back Was a Bummer....

Here's something that's both seasonal and more pleasant.

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December 08, 2018

In the Terminal Phase of Late Stage Education

The content drought will continue until both final drafts are polished and I get sleep.

However, this looks to be potentially consequential and needs to be shared.

Note that if the video begins to smoke you should back up to a safe distance and if you are pregnant, elderly or have eaten in the last two hours you might not want to watch it repeatedly. Also, it appears that there are copyright issues, so it may be good to not talk about it too much...especially at work.

Other than that it looks quite promising.

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