September 28, 2007

Geneon Folds

Via Astro comes the unwelcome news that Anime distributor Geneon is closing up shop.

This well and truly sucks.

Don puts this into some perspective.

One of my favorite recent series, Black Lagoon, will now apparently not be finished. While dubs are not the first thing I look at in these shows, Geneon's were far and away the best. Black Lagoon had one of the best acted and directed dubs ever.

This was a quality outfit and it is very sad to see them go.

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September 25, 2007

The Dark Side of Lucky Star

Few people are aware that while Konata is watching Anime, the other girls are engaged in rather less benign activities....

Grand Theft Auto: Doremon Devasatation
Quite possibly the most awfulest thing I've ever linked to.
Hat Tip(and blame): Chizumatic

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September 23, 2007

All That and a Bowl of Grits

Well a few weeks ago in that narow window just after I returned and just  before things got hectic, I managed to see the first 4 eps of Sayonara Zebutso Sensei.

It has lived up to its considerable hype. (hype-hype)

The story revolves around a high school teacher, his intense despair, his suicide attempts and his efforts to come to grips with  his homeroom class....which has representative cases of several mental illnesses....some rather less benign than others (ranging from total introversion to....optimism).

This is one of the best, most original comedies I've seen in awhile.The minimalist art, the superb soundtrack and quirky animation mesh perfectly with the short sketches. It is very densely written and as literate as it is twisted.
The show sometime takes at least 2 viewings to get most of the gags (and plot points).
 It is delightfully morbid and the humor is often quite black, so if your tastes don't run that way, be warned.

 However,  if your a twisted, poorly socialized geek like me you will enjoy this.


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September 14, 2007


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September 11, 2007

But Did You LIKE It?

...and yet the story itself had all the sophistication of Smurfs / Scooby-Doo crossover fan fiction.



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September 01, 2007

He's Finally Lost It...

    I've been ill, jet lagged, and returning to both work and school.
Unfortunately, while I was out Stephen Den Beste completely jumped the shark.

Of course aside from the first 3 words in his post title, it is an article utterly devoid of merit...just some prattle about ground pressure and tensile strength and square cube law.

The sheer fallacy of the thesis is astounding given the ample evidence to the contrary....


That is not stupid.. THAT is kewel!(HT: Danny Choo)

I mean are YOU going to call this guy stupid? way...scary perhaps if you are an uninformed bystander, annoying if you are tasked with filling potholes, and grimly tragic if you are a sewer worker...but not stupid.

Using the photo evidence I would guess that Mr. Den Bestes' pessimistic ground pressure assessments were way off (which is surprising as I thought that was why Mazinger Z generally fought in the forests on the outskirts of town....but I digress).

   Giant Robots have cool theme songs....not insipid ones....

...and the best ones lend themselves to heavy metal as well ....but to deal with the main thrust of Den Bestes thesis..... that Giant Mechs are STUPID....well, just using the first generation of giant superhero robots (and the dubiously legal miracle of you tube) I can refute that handily.

That is not stupid...that's the 36th COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!

And that doesn't even deal with later generations of mechs..Likely the best known in the states are Macross (thanks to Robotech) and Go-Lion, (the more popular of the two franchises brought over for Voltron). 
Gundam,   in all its iterations both poignant and utterly wretched, generally had cool mechs (and even turn A Gundam was saved by a good story). Of course some of the best mech shows are hardly remembered now....more is the pity.

Then there were the next generation of Mechs such as Evangelion....

OK....bad example....

Anyway....let's look at this from the other side...

What sort of shows does Mr. Den Beste like!?

Opinionated Brickmuppet flaming below fold....


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