May 22, 2008

Cold Wind

Over at Chizumatic, Steven explains why he feels a cold wind blowing. Oddly, this is based on the small number of ads in Protoculture Addicts, which is basically a very professional fanzine, however I fear his chilliness is not unwarranted, as has been suggested more than once .
 There is some interesting discussion in his comments. Go ahead and comment over there.

Update: Colder still (via)

Sad girl in snow is a screen cap from Kanon...obtained via the default source for all sad girl in snow needs.

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May 19, 2008

Dr. Who Season 3

 I've watched the DVD set of third season of Dr Who over the last few days. After the stellar first two seasons I had highly anticipated this.

Good points:
About the hottest "companion" ever. Freema Agyeman give a superb performance as Martha Jones, a savvy, and gorgeous med student who joins the Dr. on his trips through time and space. Martha is sharp as a tack, a fast learner and quite level headed.

Daleks...screeching and killing (while screeching).

The cat dude in the traffic jam...and his family.

Several interesting stories with neat ideas, great effects and superb pacing.

Bad points:
Most of those stories were saddled with tedious subplots ripped  from the headlines afterschool specials.

Not enough Daleks screeching (and killing while screeching).

The 'Docktah' is not just PC, but seems to be channeling Leon Kass at times.

Pig people...which go a long way to cancel out Daleks....

The Doctor comes off as even more of a pompous, callous ass...

...and he keeps pining for Rose (a previous companion).
I did not see "Blink" as it refused to play on my computer.

Very uneven season, most disappointing were the Dalek episodes, (which was a very interesting concept muddled by silly, unnecessary subplots, pig-people and a high pitched squeaky voice) and the season finale, which started off absolutely superb, built fantastically and petered out with a Gainax ending of sorts.

Nevertheless it was, still enjoyable, though it is by far the weakest of the 3 I've seen thus far. I hope this trend doesn't continue.

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Via Wonderduck

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May 15, 2008

On Hunting, FanGirls and CatBlogging


A fangirl relaxes with a good book.

OK...a book....


A cat...blogging...

Blogging more than me right now actually.

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May 11, 2008

Joy in the Near Future

Astro posts on the assembly of his super-dimensional,  wave motion,  Minovsky modulated, paxis enhanced, shizuma powered, media optimized PC.

More importantly, at the end of said post he  reveals  that  Welcome to the NHK volume 4 is not just a forlorn hope to be cruelly dashed...but an actual tangible item available for purchase! He has spoileriffic video to prove it!


This black comedy is tasteless, merciless, and sadistically cruel to its target audience. It is also one of the better character shows in recent years.The neurotic ensemble is very well realized and several of the characters are actually quite poignant.

One thing that is remarkable about this series is the dub. I'm more tolerant of dubs than many fans as I often am doing other things while the TV is on, however this, hands down, one is one of the best I have ever heard  for a TV show. Only Black Lagoon had voice acting and direction this good.

As to volume 3, it was excellent and the ending left me really fearful of the possibility that #4 would never ship due to ADV's recent issues.

( Being slow, I did not realize what was up until she tossed the cellphone.)

Anyway, I highly recommend this show. 

Please avail yourself of spoiler tags in the comments.

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