November 29, 2015

Heh. Coco has groupies...

From episode 4 of this season's RWBY, which seems to have really hit its stride. This episode's fight was still not up to the spectacular choreography that Oum was known for, but the pacing was superb and the tension was as intense as anything we've seen. 

The last 9 of the 14 and a half minutes was spent with people sitting and talking while either drinking tea or playing video games. Those 9 minutes however, were very well paced and developed characters, moved the plot along, clarified plot points and answered questions. 

While no explicit reference was made, we now probably have a very good idea of just what was going on in the "White" trailer and yes, it looks like that incongruously expressionist installment of the original 4 teasers is indeed canon. Even more surprisingly, it likely happened pretty much as presented (though some of it is a flashback).

Also: From this point forward, the heiress is on a budget.

One observation. One of the things the success of this series has made possible besides increasing the crew by 50% is that they have been able to hire additional professional voice actors (some with impressive resumes) to supplement the shows writers and animators, cosplayers and internet personalities that has made up most of the main cast. Interestingly this has resulted in the relative novices in the main cast being backed up by serious pros playing bit parts. The original cast has actually held their own pretty well and even those who started out a bit awkward have grown into their roles nicely. The additional money, however, is still well spent. Elizabeth Maxwell has hit it out of the park as Winter Schnee who, it turns out, is absolutely vital to understanding Weiss. 

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November 27, 2015

That is Some Truly Epic Sunblock

A vampire and her maid go to San Francisco.

Clip by Perry Street

I linked to the unfinished version of this before, but the animator finished it yesterday and thoroughly succeeded in producing a cute and technically interesting little skit. 

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November 21, 2015

Oh Look...The Sun is Up.


The sun is going DOWN!

This is incredible. Bethesda has invented time travel!

This game really is 'all that and a bowl of grits'. 

Most surprisingly, despite the grim premise and post-apocalyptic setting, Fallout 4 gives off a remarkably optimistic vibe.

I find it really interesting how they integrated a first-person shooter quest game with a 'rebuild civilization' game. What's interesting is the freedom one has. The player can pursue the main quest like a regular adventure game, wander around and interact with the incredibly detailed world (usually via high powered weaponry) or focus on the second life aspect of building a settlement. The player can also build a series of settlements and thus rebuild civilization. I'm nowhere NEAR close to finishing the main quest...there's just so much interesting stuff to do.

Re-playability looks to be really high. 

On the down side:

Mirelurks. Those things are tough. 

Also: It's like clicking on a TV Tropes link that delivers crack intravenously...I predict the collapse of society by the end of the year. 

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November 19, 2015

Good Grief!!

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November 15, 2015

What ARE We Looking At Here?

From this season's third episode of RWBY which thickens the plot a bit by whisking some ambiguity into the vagueness and spicing it with a pointless fight made with apparently unseasoned ingredients that only serve to remind us how good things were when it was possible to get them made with genuine Monty Oum.

The fight choreography is not actually bad, and pretty decent in comparison to many other shows. However, despite increasing the size of the staff from around 15 to nearly 30 that particular aspect is not up to the standard set by the show's much mourned creator. Oum appears to have been a singular talent. 

The story is proceeding apace though the shadowy council opposed to something bad talks in sufficient circuitousness that we still don't know exactly is going on. There is a big reveal, but I suspect that it is probably not at all what it seems to be.

On the other hand the character animation is really well done and the voice work is excellent. Lindsay Jones (Ruby) in particular does a really good job in this episode.

Also there is a drunken martial artist, so they've got that going for them, and in any event,  I'm still enjoying the show.

The foreshadowing for next week seems strangely ominous. 

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November 07, 2015

Exactly The Right Length

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November 03, 2015

Some Shows...

...have tremendous amounts of action that doesn't advance the plot or mean anything. 

Contrasting with that sort of thing, in the latest episode of Owarimonigatari two highschool students stand and listen as a third reflects upon her middle school years for twenty two minutes. They never leave the room and nothing else happens.

This episode had me on the edge of my seat. 

Owarimonogatari is supposedly the last in this supernatural dramedy franchise, and has, aside from its first episode (and the unremarked upon mystery of what happened to a certain characters irises) not had a lot of supernatural anything in it. Despite this it has been genuinely surprising and at times rather disturbing. 

People can be the worst monsters, and perfidy is a wretched thing. 

This is a very well written show. I'm not sure where they are going with it, but I am anxious to find out.

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I'd Trade My Blackberry for a Flying Car

Tam finds the money quote in a William Gibson interview. 

"Holy crap. That's right!"

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November 02, 2015

Regrettably, We Must Interrupt Your Monday For a Moment of Whimsy

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