August 16, 2009

Oddly, I am in Agreement with Tsukasa on This Matter

Comiket!!? Are you NUTS!?

Comeket 76, day 3. The line from hell, 300,000 people being herded into the God Emperor of huckster rooms. I arrived around 8:30 AM expecting a monumental line, but nothing prepared me for this.

Note that this is not the line...this is the line to get in the line.

The brochure (~20 bucks at Gamers) says that photos of cosplayers are not allowed except at a prepared event nor are any photos allowed of the interior. As often happens, the English rules are wrong. No photos are allowed at all. I took these before a very corpulent gentleman threatened to relieve me of my camera.This long picture of the Tokyo Big Sight does not do justice to the size of the structure.

After only about 2 and a half hours I made it to the east wing and went through every one of the 6 bays, each footnall field sized. I started to leave  having had my fill of huckster rooms and I was still a bit weak from the bug I was getting over....but I knew I could not face any of my friends if I did not make the trek from the east wing to the west wing.

So I wandered over and found myself in a river of humanity moving irresistably,,, I mean down...around...aiee! up again. There was a brief respite at an outdoor exibition area where some photos of cosplayers are allowed if permission is obtained. Given the language barrier and the somewhat confusing setup, I begged off and reentered the flow of fandom as it poured like a cataract  down the stairs into the exibition hall below. From a hundred fifty feet up the view of the west wing atrium looked like nothing so much as footage of the great animal migrations of the Serengeti.

Although I think it's a bit smaller, the west wing is even more impressive than the east in some respects as there are quite a few very elaborate displays.

One thing I saw that was mildly amusing was that there are now a number of comfort pillows for girls. Also, in contrast to most of their male counterparts, the female doujin artists tended to be impeccably dressed and made up as they hocked their slashy fare.

I'm not likely to go back, at least until I am very proficient in Kanji. Finding anything in that sea of dealers is challenging for the locals let alone someone who can't read the map. OTOH, the place opened at 10 AM and I was out by 1:30...That’s less than some waits I've had at the DMV so the staff certainly did a fine job with a third of a million people.

Oh...and for the person who asked (you know who you are)...I'm  6 foot one and weigh over 270 pounds. I could not have gotten out. Thus there is no way Tsukasa could have POSSIBLY made it back once she got in the wrong line. So was not contrived. (Sheesh!)

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August 11, 2009


Saw this a few minutes ago and thought I'd share. I THINK the language is simplified Mandarin. I have little doubt what the subject is.

  • 最奇怪的地方莫過於巧合太多… Kirk隨便被丟到一顆行星上居然就碰到了兩個關鍵人物
  • 這個我雖然不想多題, 但是… Spock果然還是只能由Nimoy來演啊啊啊! 有些角度雖然很刻意的表達出兩人的相似度, 但是感覺就是不對… 尤其是他講”Fascinating”這個字的時候
  • Spock x Uhura還是有點不能接受
  • Kirk在小林丸的表現太痞… 雖然大家都知道他是作弊過關, 但我覺得他沒必要表現得一付”我就是在作弊!”的樣子…
  • Kirk從一個(幾乎被踢走的)學員一下子就升上校了? 我沒搞清楚, 但是他在酒吧打架之前有唸過星艦學院嗎?
  • Suluè·ŸUhura這兩個角色仍然是不好發揮. Uhura是完全的轉型了, Sulu則是只剩劍撃那幕比較亮眼… 還有我不是很能接受他一開始時不會開船 - 他女兒日後坐上Ent:B時也沒有這麼手忙腳亂啊啊啊
  • JJA不知道是不是科洛弗檔案拍太爽, 在ST中也用了很多手持攝影機的拍攝方式(某些部份我覺得沒必要); 在IMAX大銀幕上真的會有點頭昏…
  • ............. 
  • .............

    Chekov 的wicktor wicktor讓我腹肌痠痛… 這部片有意無意的也對前作有相當程度的致敬. 放蟲的那段明顯是來自Wrath of Khan, 第一個redshirt(默哀), Kirk的藥物過敏(遞上老花眼鏡), Green alien sex(!), “I’m a doctor, not a…”, 片尾派克的制服出自電影第一集, Sulu那句”fencing”讓人想起”The Naked Time”, 星艦跟巨大的羅慕倫戰艦迎頭相撞etc etc. 真正的fan應該會看得很高興… 如果他們可以無視”正史”的話 (這兩者應該不是互不相容的吧… 我自稱trekkie也不會從n個月前就開始酸這部片)

    Then again, I could be wrong.

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