June 25, 2013


Attack on Titan continues, and while our heroes don't accomplish much in the way of their goals this episode, an awful lot is happening. 

Yeah, things are not going well for our would be giant slayers. At the end of last episode, everything pretty much went to worms and this has  a sort of cascade effect, so they just cannot seem to get a break.

Nicely paced with an even better than usual score, episode 12 is an enthralling three ring circus and the show seems to be well and truly back on track.

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June 23, 2013

Well...THAT Was Unexpected

...and so was all that other stuff...

"...like MELTY of all people demonstrating such intrepidity and being so pivotal to the plot."

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is not quite the show we thought it was, it's in no way the show we thought it had become in episode 9, and given the amazing (yet perfectly convincing) surprises and misdirections the writer has thrown at us though the whole series, I'm unprepared at this point to predict what kind of show it will turn out to be. However,  It is looking really, really good right now.  My only quibble with this episode is that is that IGOTTAWAITAWHOLEWEEK4THENEXTONE!

They could still screw it up, but right now It looks like Madoka was no fluke.

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June 19, 2013

Never Trust ANYONE Who Doesn't Believe in Money

This always bothered me about Star Trek...the whole "We have no money, we....ummm....uh....stuff" thing was always put out there but handwaived..

Of course there are all sorts of problems with this notion as it means that whoever is in charge decides what and who has value....and doesn't.  This may appeal to a certain type of control freak, academic or fanatic, but it is unlikely to work out for those not in favor with those who take it upon themselves to define value.

This is explored extensively in episode 11 of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet which holds forth in part on how NOT to set up ones economy and society.

In Gargantia, the fanatical new-age commies parroting received wisdom from their "betters" are the BAD GUYS....I LOVE this show!


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The Best Song In the History of Everything

Is not available on iTunes or Amazon, it long predates CDs and of course all vinyl containing it was ordered destroyed by Nixon's FDA so my quest to add this to my MP3 queue is still unfulfilled. 

Via Moe Lane who uses it to one-up Geraghty's lame Ninja Turtle reference.

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June 17, 2013

Haiyore Nyarko-san Wanker

"You say Mee-Go, he says Mi-Go but all I care about is that away from here I go"

I dunno WHAT the "W" stands fore but I'm stikkin' with my theory. The original series was not exactly good, but it mildly amusing and occasionally clever. Every episode made me at least chuckle  once.

This sequel alternates between execrable and stupid.

I mean...odd numbered episodes are execrable. Even numbered episodes are merely stupid. Odd numbered episodes tend to have everyone out of character and have the show written as a straight harem comedy devoid of Lovecraft Jokes, or any but the most tendentious attempts at humor. Even numbered episodes are bone-crushingly stupid, have the characters acting in accordance with their frequently warped motivations and generally remember that the blonde, under all that moe' is a trap and the redhead is not interested in guys. The even numbered episodes also differentiate themselves from the odd,  by remembering that the protagonists three roommates are aliens disguising themselves as humans with vastly different biology, ...and oh yeah nerd jokes.

These differences are most visible across a two part episode, where it appears the characters are from two completely different series.

I really think there are two different writing teams one of which is using a harem comedy trope generator and is unaware of the actual characters or the fact that it's not actually a harem comedy, but is close enough to parody them...

Neither odd nor even episodes are at all good, but the even episodes are making me laugh occasionally....and groan often. Of course, even at that I can't recommend this show in good conscience due to the fact that it is objectively terrible and finding the less abominable ones becomes problematic after episode 8 when the two writing teams division of labor seems to have become chronologically inconsistent.

Stupidity on ice.

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June 09, 2013

Gargantia #10

Remember Melty? She was on the fleet that left and is now anchored near an island in perpetual mist. She's started her own courier business and delivers dispatches to all the captains...as such she has a pretty good view of what's going on. 

"Oh dear."

The episode continues the shows dark turn but it remains interesting and thoughtful.  I'm unsure where they are going with this, as the story is far down a path, that while interesting, has no clear resolution. Yet they continue to complicate things and as far as I know, they have only 2 episodes to wrap things up.

This is likely to either be brilliant or a train-wreck.

It certainly has my interest.

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Attack on Titan Episode 10

This episode finds our heroes standing by to make ready to review procedures for initiating steps to set in motion preparations for beginning to consider actions necessary to lay the groundwork for thinking about getting ready to do something.

We'll see eventually if that something involves resuming this shows heretofore excellent pacing.

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June 08, 2013

10 minute Teaser for the sixth Yamato 2199 movie

It likely won't be up long.
Also: Spoilers.

They've been doing this for every movie, that is running the first ten minutes as a teaser on Japanese TV to hypethe films.

The official trailer from the ヤマト2199 website and the DVDs is here.

Spoilers again of course but if you are a Starblazers fan it will warm your heart.

This show has taken all that is good about the old series and made it better,  all the while plugging plot holes in the original. The way they neutralized a formidable Gamillas strategic advantage in the last few episodes was particularly elegant.

The characterizations are very well done too. This is turning out to be one of the best no-holds barred adventure series in many years.

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June 05, 2013

Sign of the End-Times

I'm pretty sure this is one....

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June 04, 2013

For Those Having Trouble Getting a Pixiv Membership

AOL and Juno it seems can't be used for ones E-Mail address. The issue seems to be with AOL and Juno blocking E-mails from Pixiv for some reason.

I couldn't access my old G-mail account as I've long forgotten the password, but I was able to get a new one and join up.

Of course, with Deviant, this makes two art boards I'm a member of, despite having artistic skills a few notches below Randall Munroe....but without the medical insight.

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Ideas of Great Importance

Between, recent bad news and the fact that I was offline for a bit, I've been surfing and playing catch-up on current events.

In the process I blundered into the two most important posts in the history of everything:

Moe Lane has a solution for what is increasingly beginning to look like a mistake.

Scott Lowther demonstrates
that what many assumed was a mistake, may not have been.

The implications of these ponderings are indeed profound and will require much thought from great minds to have their meanings fully grasped.

Much like this will...


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June 02, 2013

Gargantia Episode 9

Oh my...

"That was...harsh."

That was impressive.
That was unexpected.
This is an exceptionally thoughtful and well crafted show.
Now if you will excuse me...I has a sad.

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Gargantia Episode 8

This was a transitional episode, poignant with a very "on the precipice" undercurrent.

This was a well done episode. A bit downbeat, but it does stress the overall decency of most of the characters. We learned some things too.

For instance, if one can let ones hair down to reveal a hime cut, most concerns about ones leadership abilities will be allayed.


I still cannot get over how gorgeous the production values on this show are. I'm not at all sure where this is going, but this has been a thoughtful show thus far and I'm anxious to find out. Anxious well describes my sentiments here, as this show has done an exemplary job of making us care about these characters...and this episode has a vibe very much like...late summer...1914.

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Harryhausen's War of the Worlds

I had no idea this existed when he passed earlier this month.

It's the test footage for Ray Harryhausen's War of the Worlds project which was being pitched in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

George Pal reportedly used this footage for his pitch and with it got the rights to the book. But Pal made his own version with no input from Harryhausen and went in a completely different direction regards effects.

 Interestingly, the model was very nearly used as the heavy in the Howard Hawks version of The Thing, which was originally going to be a bigger budget film with Harryhausen doing the effects.  I do wonder if Hawks was initially intending that film to be a much straighter adaptation of Who Goes There.

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OK This is Just Getting Freaky

Attack on Titan Episodes 8 & 9 seem to have largely wrapped up the 'Battle for Trost'. The show continues to surprise. It continues to have its characters develop in unconventional, but interesting ways. The nightmarish imagery continues as well and they really outdo themselves in that regard with some truly horrific visuals...

On the other hand, it is really nice to see someone who thoroughly enjoys her work.


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