August 30, 2015

Well. We Have This To Look Forward to in 2016

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August 29, 2015

School Live Continues

In the latest episode of this season's surprisingly clever slice of life show, Yuki must catch and wash the dog. Hijinks ensue. 

The girls discuss their plans (or lack thereof) for after graduation. Miki stops reading her horror books long enough to conclude that the school being equipped as a civil defense location is actually indicative of some sinister purpose. Yuuri organizes an expedition to sneak into the teachers lounge because SHE MUST KNOW. An attempt at a group photograph goes about as well as one would expect. Sakura Sensei practices her penmanship with heartbreaking results.

I am in genuine awe of this show and how it is able to elicit an actual emotional response from me.

I am eager to hear the thoughts of anyone else who is following this show. But PLEASE, use spoiler tags!

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Tonight on GATE: After Sneaking a Thoughtful and Intelligent Show Past Standards and Practices for 2 Months, They're Found Out!

Now boarding at GATE 9 bound for Fan Service with stops in Akihabara, suspiciously opaque hot springs, America bashing, dead G.I.s, a cool old dude, otaku affirmation and normally strong female characters doing the paper doll pander.

Please direct your attention towards the EYES of the EGL at the front of the cabin as she adjusts your belt and attempts to convince you that even if she looks 13, her actual age of 961 means it won't really count as loli. 


After 8 episodes of sublime storytelling and pacing, this heretofore excellent show surprises us in an entirely new way. 


Mind you, it actually does move along a rather tendentious subplot and there is some character development so this is not a complete non-sequitur of an episode, which is, perhaps, unfortunate, as is it were, I could advise you to skip it....especially if yo've been watching this show with your kids. It just doesn't at all fit with the tone of the series thus far and that feeling rather increases as the episode progresses.

There is at least one bit that I hope is foreshadowing though...

I predict ARCHERY!

We also do find out offhandedly that Leili's magic does work in this world...which ought to be a big deal.

This series is now 8 stellar to 1 meh so I'm not by any means dropping it as of yet. 

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August 26, 2015

Well, This Could Be Better

Monster Musume is faithfully following its comic book inspiration into imbecility and squalor, wasting what is admittedly a fairly interesting cast on prurient pandering to the dolorous, disaffected degenerate deviants that make up its target audience.Obviously this is a show I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in admitting to watching...

"Oh..umm...This?...Uhh...Thi...This is a...a cooking show."

This is not to say that the show is without potential. For one thing,  a spinoff centered around the Mrs. Smith and her commando team of mythological monster-maiden myrmidons has a considerable likelihood of being quite entertaining. 

UPDATE: In fact, as a friend recently pointed out, such a show would probably be the most enjoyable G.I. Joe sequel possible.

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August 25, 2015


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Don't Forget About Lunch UPDATE: Trigger Warning! (May Cause OCD Fits if Viewed Too Closely)

Art by Subaku

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August 23, 2015

One Could Spend Years...

...researching the genre of video games known as fantasy RPGs. 

Or one could endure this for this four minutes and ten seconds.

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August 22, 2015

Tonights Recitations From Kipling Will be Performed by Rory Mercury

From episode 8 of GATE which  continues to be highly intelligent and entertaining. This is despite having a girl in a Gothic Lolita outfit adorned with fake wolf ears speaking before the Japanese Diet...or perhaps because of it.

The last episode indicated that our heroes would be returning to Japan from fantasy Middle Earth Land to be debriefed, and the civilians representatives from the other world would be interviewed. This was pretty much what happened. Of course coming out of Middle Earth into Shibuya rather IMPRESSES the visitors. In short order,  Itami, Leili  (acting as translator)Tuka and (God help us all) Rory Mercury all are asked to testify before the Parliament...

Now. Pick out the person from the above lineup most likely to cause the whole thing to go to worms...

We also learn that Mercury's Halbard/Pike/Tuning Fork weighs several hundred pounds.

There's no combat or other action whatsoever in this episode aside from an attempted mugging and a collateral hernia but a ton of stuff happened that moved the show forward including a bit of suspense involving intrigues facing our heroes in Japan, both foreign and domestic.

This show remains awesome.

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August 20, 2015

Well...I've Got Nothing.... here is something by Patricia Rosemarie Müller.

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August 19, 2015

I Say. This Perry Fellow Bears Watching

This is a work in progress,...
...but do take a look at Perry Park's Pixiv...for some context, and also click here, here, here, here, here and here to see a few WEBM versions of the animations.

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August 18, 2015

Here is Some Wide Gauge Steampunk Makkou 4 to offset the banality beneath the fold.


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August 15, 2015

School Live Episode 6

In the latest episode of School Live, Yuki organizes a school athletic event, Sakura Sensei tries to get Yuki to address her properly and not drive off a potential new club member and Miki  gains some insights into why Sakura Sensei seems so clumsy. Later Kurumi and Yuri explain to Miki some important facts about the school's rooftop garden and the yearbook project is finished. 

In the meantime, hijinks ensue.

I must say that the music in this show is used to truly excellent effect.

"Good grief Yuki, you're SCARING the poor girl"

This is actually much more than a show about a bunch of girls in school... its own bizarre way this show almost one of those Iyashikei (healing anime).

As usual, gentle readers, we admonish everyone to use spoiler tags in the comments.

And if you are not yet watching this show we admonish you to start with episode ONE

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Some Days... just does NOT pay to get out of bed.

Exemplifying this today is Dame Bozes Co Palesti, one of the highest ranking members of the Rose Order of Knights....

"My orders were as follows: to oversee the full mobilization of the Rose order of Knights and proceed via forced march to rendezvous in Italica with the detachment you had led to reconnoiter the probable area of operations. The overall mission of unit Rose was to be reconnaissance in force of the national cultural heritage site Arnus Hill, which has been taken by an invading force of unknown nationality. This force had defeated two Imperial and five tributary armies with astonishing alacrity and suffered no apparent losses. These facts made the proposed reece mission of paramount importance in assembling some effective defense of our nation. Additionally, the gravity of the situation indicated that we be marching in a state of tactical readiness and be prepared to engage any hostile forces we might encounter.

AS PER THE TACTICAL AND STRATEGIC SITUATION AS WELL AS MY LAWFUL ORDERS: Yesterday at approximately 15:00 we encountered a small enemy recon force using transport equipment vastly more capable than our own. Despite the danger, my troops obeyed my order to approach without protest. The enemy unit (which did not seem to possess any archers or spear carriers) did not engage, but rather sent out a single soldier, possibly to parlay. I assumed that we had encountered an isolated reconnaissance or foraging unit. Given our army's previous reversals with this enemy this was a rare opportunity and to pass it up would have been, in my opinion, to demonstrate criminal negligence. Thus, I gave the order to engage them with the hopes of collecting intelligence and possibly prisoners. The enemy retreated from the field with my soldiers in hot pursuit, but their...conveyances...possessed preternatural speed and the bulk of the enemy unit escaped. However, Dame Kalgi managed to capture one prisoner, who we interrogated and brought to you with the greatest possible dispatch. I felt this could very well be a development of paramount importance. 

I should add that whatever actions are brought against me, throughout this movement our entire unit comported themselves in accordance with the finest traditions of the Knights of the Empire  and deserve commendation and not condemnation for their performance during, what was, their baptism by fire. 

Now, I mean no disrespect whatsoever to your highness, but can you PLEASE clarify what, exactly I did, or ordered those under my command to do,  that was in any way  a violation of my general orders, my lawful standing orders or was otherwise so wrong that you just embedded your chalice in my cranium."

I paraphrase somewhat, but it's hard not to sympathize with Dame Palesti's plight in the opening scene of Episode 7 of GATE. After all, no one bothered to text her that there was now a peace treaty. I mean, nobody yelled at Andrew Jackson.

This was another good episode which despite some silliness remained clever and intelligent. This episode changes the direction of several characters quite markedly, We also find out a few additional things about the other world...

This episode also moved the plot along, setting up a major shift in the direction of two characters (Princess Pinã and Dame Palesti) as well as establishing there are a LOT of really dark aspects to what is, after all, a version of the Roman Empire with feudal elements (tributary states). The dilemma the Princess faced is cringeworthy. She has the weight of the empire and al its subject on her shoulders and she only has the Empire's precedents to guide her as to the likely behavior of the invaders. That it was well established that Bozelle is one of her oldest friends makes her decision (which she clearly dreaded) all the more gut wrenching.

The fact that our heroes aren't jerks and are behaving in a basically rational, non-malevolent manner is a nice touch too. 

This show is far better than one would expect from the premise..."Modern Japanese Army invades Middle Earth."

It is actually quite good and has remained consistently intelligent for seven episodes. So if you have not watched this (or gave up after the second episode) I strongly suggest that you add this to your watch list. 

UPDATE: Over at Steven's place there is a post and comment thread regarding the design changes between the manga and Anime.This mostly concerns the costume changes , which can mostly be explained by the need to actually animate the show...but some of which are truly bizarre. There is also mention made of the changes to two of the maids to make them appeal to the moe' set, but I think that the anime managed to do something subtle and neat here in the process...

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August 12, 2015


Because no proper young lady should be without her shovel.

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August 11, 2015

More RWBY News


In other news...

...Volume 3 casting announcements:

- Winter Schnee will be voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell (Major Kusanagi from "Ghost in the Shell: Arise")

- Uncle Qrow will be voiced by Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric from "Fullmetal Alchemist")

- Ren will be voiced by Monty's brother, Neath Oum

All for the moment! Stay tuned for more RT Animation announcements throughout the RTX2015 weekend!

There is still no projected release date, but the cast additions certainly indicate that the third season is not vaporware. 

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August 09, 2015

Double Shifts

...are in my future, probably until school starts. 

Here is a gimmick that falls rather short of actually providing original content: YouTubery.

First, while I have lamented my having to work through my vacation, it is financially fortuitous. Sakuya here provides yet more reasons to be thankful.

The latest MMD upgrade (Version 9.23) looks pretty impressive. 
It appears that they've fixed that, umm, bug the older versions sometimes had animating skirts. 

Given the exuberantly elaborate costumes many of the Touhou characters wear, I was looking forward to seeing  how this new upgrade would look animating those outfits. 


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August 08, 2015

A Wacky School Outing

The latest episode of School Live continues last week's flashback to the club's first field the local mall.

Now, our heroines have a very specific list of things they are supposed to get, (mostly in the hardware dept). Naturally, they hit music stores, clothing stores and try on bathing suits.  

Hijinx ensue...

"We did NOT break any of these. That is our story and we are sticking to it!"

The pacing in this episode is a bit off, but it remained thoroughly entertaining (the John Carpenteresque soundtrack was inspired). there are some questions raised though. 

As always with this show please avail yourself of the spoiler tags in the comments. 

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August 03, 2015

Meanwhile, In Remnant

Pyrrha Nikos by Iesupo

In other news, Rooster Teeth has hired You Tuber Dillon Gu as an animator on RWBY, a show about which there have been precious few announcements since the one regarding the resumption of production. Obviously, Project Monty is on the back burner now, but it is still an ongoing endeavor.

 Completely unconfirmed scuttlebut sourced to people who have claimed they talked to Rooster Teeth employees is that the third volume of RWBY will NOT premiere at RTX this year but that it is tentatively scheduled for late fall or early winter.  

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