December 24, 2011



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December 18, 2011

Squid Girl Volume 2

  Saturday night I went to a friends house and watched the second volume of Media Blasters DVD release of Squid Girl. I'd been impressed with the first volume and was curious as to whether this show would maintain its quality or flounder...I felt that the fish puns alone were likely to wear quite fin.

However, the second set is just as good if not better. Squid girl continues her career as a seaside noodle shop waitress while plotting (occasionally) to conquer the surface world and liberate the seas from pollution. Along the way she has to deal with making friends, creepy fan-girls, art appreciation and bears. The show is a schizoprenic mash-up of a sitcom, Looney Tunes sketch comedy and Mad Magazine, yet it all works surprisingly well. The show drifts between the sentimental and the hilarious.  I laughed so hard at one point I nearly pulled a mussel.

One theme of the show really speaks to me. Even if one is stuck in a dead end service job and is stymied by the demands of provincial  academics who look down at you, your beliefs and your goals like you are some sort of alien....

"Help.Meeeee." can still take what life gives you and make the best of it.

I really enjoyed this show and I highly recommend it. Go out, buy it, gift it. As I type this you have six days till Christmas.

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December 17, 2011

Does Looking Forward to This Make me a Bad Person?

Of course not.
Being a bad person makes me look forward to this.

Understanding cause and effect are important.

Yes, the full version of Katawa Shoujo, better known as That Atrociously Atrocious Atrocity (with the really cool characterizations) is coming out on January 4th.

Why the cringing you ask? Well, this is a dating-sim visual novel in which all of the young ladies posses various disabilities. Put together by a group of US fans, it is based on a joke sketch by a Japanese Doujinshi artist. Given such dubious subject matter and provenance, the correct response would normally be NO FREAKKING WAI GTFO!


Back in '09 I sent a link to the demo release to our EBP who provided a review here. I played through the abomination myself and was impressed. The demo was quite large and the characters were superbly realized. The demo was not exploitative or insulting in the least. It was actually engaging, thoughtful and even touching.  This promises to be a quite entertaining visual novel. I find myself looking forward to it. Still, I feel funny posting this heads up on my blog since I'm pretty sure that...well...there's gonna be talk.

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December 01, 2011

Completely Off Topic

Star Turtle Village needs NINJAS!
It's an AWESOME village!
It's got TONS of upgrades, which makes a beginning ninjas life much easier!

And now we are doing a membership drive....hence tacky retro mimeographed FLIERS!

UPDATE: One of the neat things about this particular time waster is that the stamina limit keeps one from wasting more than about 20 minutes of time a day.

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