September 22, 2020

Oh Look

...there's a Selkie.

I'll give them points just for that. 

Not a monstergirl any of us were expecting...especially in a bikini. 

From episode 2 of Monstergirl Doctor, which follows two rookie doctors, straight out of med-school who are starting out their own private clinic in the town of Lindworm. 

One of the doctors is a young man and his business partner is a 24 foot long snake woman. You see, the show is set in a fantasy world populated with sentient versions of the D&D Monster Manual. Both the human and snekgrrl are doctors specializing in non-human races...most of whom haven't historically been serviced by the medical profession until recently. 

The animation is diffident though the art itself is good. The character designs are by Z-Ton, and the stories, while fairly anodyne are low level medical mysteries. But there's a difficulty: This is set in a medieval fantasy world with little or no magic. They understand germ theory and are practicing "medicine" as we understand it (with reference books, medical exams and treatment) , but their tech level is otherwise is high middle ages or renaissance. Which is kind of interesting and weird. 

Despite the hype (and the first minute of episode 1) Monstergirl Doctor, is, perhaps surprisingly, both SFW and wholesome.  So, yeah, it subverts expectations...but in a good way. 

My only concern after two episodes is that I'm not sure it's going anywhere. Still, it's a pleasant enough 30 minutes. 

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September 13, 2020

It's 2020 in Another World

Well. I'mma gonna take that as foreshadowing. 

Re: Zero is back! Actually, it's BEEN back for 10 weeks but I'd missed it while fighting off harassment and distractions foisted upon me by a nefarious group I'll refer to henceforth as the I.R.L.

Anyway. The first two episodes of the lates installment  of this excellent show are quite solid. At this point, understanding that I'm 8 behind,  I'm recommending it heavily. 

In other cutting edge, breaking news of the trivial: A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 3 has been going for 23 weeks. 3 episodes in, it is actually looking to be up to the previous two seasons' standards. 

Heck, even the most annoying lesbian in all of the future gets an awesome scene

There are several other shows that look to have promise and the I.R.L. is being less least with my internet connection, so tardy reviews may be forthcoming. 

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