October 29, 2012

...and then it hit me.

So the other night I was looking at Vocaloid videos, many of which had several less well known members of the Vocaloid pantheon.  In the process, I blundered into this one and was curious which particular Vocaloids these...
.....Oh no.
Oh dear God no...

The Touhou business going on in the background just makes it that much more surreal.

I wonder if this is societal reintegration therapy.

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October 28, 2012

Sword Art Online Continues (eps 16 & 17)

Hey. Are you a wildly unlikely coincidence? Guess what? I am too!"

After the low key but interesting episode that was 15 the show hits the ground running.


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October 27, 2012


I thought that the Gangnam meme was pretty played out, but via Ace  comes this...which is truly a thing of beauty, (unless you are sufficiently deprived and pitiful as to be unaware of Jack Burton)

That's actually James Wong!

That video makes the whole silly thing worthwhile. That is why Psy was put on this earth...to inspire that. Now we can rest contentedly as the fad fades into oblivion, or rather...comes to its Downfall.

Good grief! It's Godwin Style!

If that is not recursive enough for you, you're probably a hipster and I can't do anything for you....except link to this.

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October 24, 2012

There is no point in anime-blogging anymore...

... because with this screencap and caption, Sea Slugs has won.

Bridge Over The River Kawaii

 Chizumatic has a roundup of reactions to Girls und Panzer and the consensus seems to be "WIN!"

I may have to check this silly show out (as soon as I'm no longer swamped).

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October 19, 2012

TANSTAFAAFL (Otaku edition)

A few weeks ago (on Drudge I think) there was a story about how Internet service providers were getting astoundingly efficient at tracking people who log into sketchy download sites like Mediafire and the sites that link to them heavily, but that they didn't seem to be doing anything about it and it was unclear what they were up to. I'll be damned if I can find it now, but I thought of it when I read this.

Under the new copyright alert system, Internet service providers (ISPs) will send a series of alerts to subscribers whose accounts may have been used to illegally distribute music, movies or other entertainment content via file-sharing. If the subscriber does not respond to the first set of alerts, which will include educational material on protecting copyrights and the consequences of illegal file-sharing, the Internet service provider may temporarily slow down their Internet speeds, direct them to an online tutorial when they try to access popular websites or implement other penalties--called "mitigation measures."

This is to be implemented over the "next couple of weeks" so those of you who are torrenting be aware that now might be a good time to go straight.

If you're reading this in Japan then there is a little extra incentive...

Internet users in Japan who illegally download copyright content will face new penalties after a change to the law. They will now face up to two years in jail or up fines to two million yen (US$25,700).

 This might explain any slowness in torrents appearing.

Now, it is true that the Japanese AV media model is indeed made of fail and unsustainability. It is also true that these rather non-proportional penalties indicate a desperate attempt to keep that moribund business plan afloat. But something needs to be done, and especially given the  sense of entitlement to free downloads expressed by many fans and the state of the US anime industry (which is due at least in part to piracy) my first instinct is to be OK with this despite the crazy penalties.

However, the lack of proportionality in the penalties would seem to indicate a very heavy handed approach, that might not recognize things like fair use or parody.... or image macros.

UPDATE: Japan has had US style fair use exceptions since 2008 so that final paragraph was inaccurate.

It should also be noted that the penalties for UP-loaders are rather more severe..
...uploaders of copyright infringing music and videos face a maximum penalty of a 10-year prison sentence and a 10 million yen fine (US$128, 318 ), said BBC news.

..so what I meant by " This might explain any slowness in torrents appearing." is those of you who depend upon Anime gods in Japan uploading shows to torrent may find the torrents slow to appear for download as said anime gods ability to do so may be somewhat inhibited in the near future.

 Haruhi's sense of entitlement takes a hit.

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October 14, 2012

Sword Art Online 15

Following on the footsteps of last episodes  high stakes action and surprises, episode 15 provides a bit of a breather with a very touching, low key episode...

"Sorry mam. We removed the koi. There were complaints."

...that is full of surprises.


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October 07, 2012

Wow. W.O.W. Went "Pow!".

Someone REALLY didn't like episode 14 of Sword Art Online and decided take out a real virtual realm.
Or its just a random hacker.
Or Blizzard screwed up.

Entire cities in the World of Warcraft have been reportedly destroyed with no one spared, not even the NPCs.

Via Instapundit. More here, here and here.

 Image via. Note that there it has the caption "This is very real!..." Which I find worrisome.

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Even in English

...the damn song makes no sense.

Oh hell with it. Lets just do this then. It was inevitable anyway.

...but not as inevitable as this.

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Game Over

 That was unexpected.

You're telling US!?

Episode 14 of  Sword Art Online again surprises.

There's a lot to like about this episode. It touches on several interesting ideas.

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October 03, 2012

Yamato 2199 Third Movie Clip

As with the first two films,  a promo clip with the first 10 minutes of the third Yamato 2199 movie has aired on Japanese TV.

As the third movie starts the ship is finally leaving the solar system. However, it seems their FTL communications can't punch through the heliopause, so, for morale purposes the Admiral arranges for everyone to have 1 minute to talk to their families back home one last time.

...and the nurse is in a french maid outfit for some reason.
( WTF)

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Colleen Doran is having an art sale.

From the artists mouth...

For collectors, we have a limited number of first edition GN’s still available. My BOOKSTORE IS HERE. We only have about a half dozen of the original Volume I left. They will be gone by NYCC, I am sure. First come, first served.

My previous edition covers are now for sale HERE. Volume II cover has already sold. These are already reduced prices, but I accept payment plans. I will also consider a reduced price if you buy more than one painting.

NVCC is New York Comic Con so it's all over by the 11th.

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