March 09, 2017

Flip Flappers: Belated Thoughts

Cute, whimsical, and thoughtful horror stories are kind of rare for some reason. 

Flip Flappers is an exception, though after finally finishing the entire series, I find it still quite difficult to describe. The set-up is easy enough, Cocona is an honor student in high school and her ultimate goal is an honor student...

Life however, involves more than just studying for the test, and Cocona is trying to come to grips with the fact that the answer to "What career part do you intend to take?" Is not found in a book, or in any academic articles. Suddenly a crazy redhead named Papikka shows up with a comic relief robot and drags Cocona into a magical dimension to help them find...power crystals.

"Will this be on the test?"

Sadly, they don't keep the bunny ears, but they DO get time limited super powers accompanied by magical legware. 

'dem stockings...

This is useful as well as stylistically fascinating because they do get into fights, with monsters as well as rivals.

Starting off as a (faux) magical girl show with an Alice in Wonderland vibe, it goes in a number of different directions to the point of seeming unfocused at times. However, there is a story here and the show is a surprisingly intelligent disquisition on the nature of identity, the blissful squalor of a utopia and the responsibility we all have for who and what we become. 

The story does go to dark places as the characters explore their backstories but the series, despite its breakneck pace and seemingly schizophrenic tone does come to a satisfying conclusion. In the process the series stays unpredictable and is never boring. 

It is also high octane nightmare fuel. This show is genuinely terrifying at times, and the story has more in common with Phillip K. Dick than Lewis Carrol. 

It also gets bunny anatomy...wrong.

This was, however, a surprisingly enjoyable and thoughtful series and I recommend all 5 hours. It really was one of the best shows last year.


"We Rock!"

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1 Flip Flappers was the only show last year that I bothered finishing. (Nobunaga no Shinobi is ongoing.)

Posted by: Don at Thu Mar 9 07:42:49 2017 (iGwig)

2 Hmmm, I added it to my CR queue, but didn't get past 4 or 5. I should get back to it, but I hardly hit CR. Hell, my torrent/view ratio is still horrible.

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Mar 11 00:11:26 2017 (5Ktpu)

3 Flip Flappers is one of the best new series I've seen in a long while. The story is layered, with several twists and turns along the way, and it's grounded by a compelling cast including Maika Monroe, Evan Rachel Wood, and Christina Valdez. There are times when I watch an anime related to my research interests and feel as though it was made just for me. When that happens, I am immediately hooked because the creators know what they're doing: they're creating something that transports their audiences into an alternate reality. That's how I felt about Flip Flappers — a world so far removed from ours that the differences become noticeable even before we start watching; this is something to be experienced rather than explained in detail (although there are some throwaway lines that hint at what lies ahead).

Posted by: Brenathis at Tue Nov 29 04:53:55 2022 (TUFKI)

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