October 07, 2014

Log Horizon 2: First Impressions

Log Horizon was huge surprise to me last year and a pleasant one. This season hardly feels like a break at all as the series starts pretty much where the last episode left off (actually a bit before that). It takes a somewhat different tack almost immediately and the looks like it will continue to be interesting. 

  It was successful enough to warrant a second season but not enough to get a bigger budget, or even a new theme song. However, this reinforces the feeling that the show is simply continuing. Marielle is one of a few characters off model, possibly in an attempt to add some detail, though like the first season, it continues to have mediocre art and animation at best. It has been the intriguing story and the characters that have really carried it and made this one special. 

This is starting out slow, but it remains clever.

 it's still available on Crunchyroll and I recommend it highly, hell in a week or so you can be caught up!

My only real complaint thus far is that for such a kid friendly show...well....

...the slash just writes itself.

But even that is a feature to some people.

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