August 02, 2020

Oh They Made It!

I was inordinately worried about this. This is the first time the U.S. has sent AND RETURNED astronauts on its own since the Space Shuttle was retired in the wake of the Columbia disaster, and, well, it's 2020, so having watched the destruction of Columbia and Challenger live I was on pins and needles. 

And as I type this it's been 44 minutes they are concerned because there seems to be a fuel leak and they still can't open the door. That's new. Is it hydrazine?...I hope not. 
UPDATE: No it's NTO. Which explains why they haven't gotten the deckhands the hell out of there. 

UPDATE2: All good, it took an hour but they are both out of the capsule and fine. 

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August 01, 2020

I Got Up This Morning and Fell Into a Rabbit Hole of Stupid

Twitch has permanently banned the V-Tube streamer  OppaiPantsuu. It seems that after some years they realized that her channel name translates to "bosomy undergarments". The streamer behind the CGI model was perfectly willing to change the name and find out if anything else needed changing. But for Twitch this name is the line that must not be crossed. She'd done some appearances on IronMouse doing collab playthroughs and D&D sessions and is a fairly entertaining if lewd mouthed loon,  Here she is covering various aspects of current year stupidity and being refreshingly devoid of any pretensions of respectability.

But it was the NAME that got her banned! 
Also, this season appears to be a complete dumpsterfire of degeneracy.

I heard about this on IronMouse's stream and while looking it up, I blundered into this related bit of stupid, where another Twitch streamer got banned for referring to a character  as transg*nder. I assume that there's an "E" behind that asterikx, but the headline and article uses an asterix and I can't imagine what other letter would fit...and if I found one it would likely be another of the 57 genders which would just make my morning even stupider. There's a happy ending...sort of....if you've never read Orwell. You see they modified their decision to be a 2 week ban and as this article  reports...
Jinntty thought it was okay to use that word to describe the character after hearing so many other people talk about it. However, Jinnytty also used it in an aggressive manner after being annoyed with Abby's character portrayal and disappointment towards the Last of Us 2's story.
So she used the word to repeat what was reported in other media...but she used it in an "aggressive" manner and in the context of being annoyed with the aromatic bear spoor that is the game's story. 

That's creepy.
This once, context matters...not obvious context but inferred context... 

The Lives of Others is not a good model for IT support.

Twitch is just not reliable.
Someone needs to get to setting up a social media company that does streaming in West Virginia where one is not subjected to the intense mean-girl pressures of Silicon Valley. Is there some reason that everyone goes to Assholeville?  Is it proximity to magic smoke mines in the redwood forests or something? It can't be strictly necessary. They have social media companies run out of Australia, and Australia has a random-encounter-table that's like Skull Island.

Guess what. It doesn't matter, because of China.

Yes it all gets stupider still, because a Chinese company has copyrighted the word Aheago...and is issuing takedown notices, 

If you have no idea what aheago is then congratulations!....You are a good person!

The rest of us must suffer from the stupidity.

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