March 18, 2013

I do miss this show

UPDATE: Golly.

UPDATE 2: after taxes.

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March 17, 2013

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March 15, 2013


"Et Tu!!"

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This is it

They warned you that "there will be a test:".

Well, the test is now.

Don is the inquisitor.

May God have mercy on your soul.

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GJ Club

I'd found a couple of cute animated .gifs and tracked down their source. When I read the premise for the show it did not excite all. However, a bit of digging turned up the fact that despite the cast and premise it is based on a series of light novels...and not a dating sim.
So I gave an episode a whirl.

In a certain school with very garish uniforms four girls and a boy round out the membership of the mysterious GJ Club. The clubs purpose is unclear but within the tiny club room, the five young souls drink tea, play chess, change light-bulbs and have other such harrowing adventures....

Ghaaa! this show set in Australia?

This is an odd one.

Case in point....

This here is Kirara Bernstein. She's...well she's an exchange student...from someplace. She doesn't speak Japanese confidently and is generally very quiet.  She  seems to be on Atkins. Kirrara is also exceedingly tall and a bit awkward. She nearly died when bitten by a black widow at age 4 and this has left her with a terrible fear of spiders. Is there anything else I'm failing to mention here?

About 2/3 of the way through episode one, Mao the rather manic club president and Nebbish McOrdinary here notice that, yes, there is indeed something odd about the girl sitting by the window.

...'kayy...not what I would have noticed.

Which precipitates a conversation that ranges from how there is no cut of meat on any animal that looks like that to whether or not eating it will allow them to "increase their hit points" and speculation on just how the HELL that thing Kirara's eating was prepared.

The other club members are Shion, an elegant but slightly out of touch genius chess player and Mao's younger (and much taller) sister Megumi who is the absolute master of the club tea service. The dude is named Kyoya and serves mainly to be the butt of pranks. He prefers Josei and Shojo mamga because they tend to actually have character development.

Artwise, GJ Club has got quite detailed backgrounds with the animation itself being about average. There are occasionally some editing quirks that are fairly clever.

Although his show's cast seems to consist entirely of cliches it has a fairly offbeat feel to it in part because the pacing and humor is rather dry, though there is some slapstick as well as the oddness evidenced above. By the end of the first episode there are actual hints of personalities in some of the characters.  

I'm not sure what to make of this show...

However I laughed.. and it's cute so I'll probably watch at least a few more episodes to see where it goes.

Thus far it's way better than it ought to be.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that one of the things that seems so off center is that while it is cast like a harem show it's more a cute girls doing cute things sitcom with the caveat that one of them is a guy.

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March 14, 2013

Media Blasters Status / Other News

Media Blasters has posted an announcement on their website clarifying their situation. The rumor that they had no business liscence hit them hard as did an injury to the owner. Several titles are no longer in their possession and at least two are owned by them but with no plans for release. It seems that they intend to sell those rights to other companies.

The only labels MB will continue to acquire and release in for 2013 are AnimeWorks, Tokyo Shock and Kitty. In addition there will be a focus to produce and release original productions through Fever Dreams.

So they are not in fact dead, though they are limping. I find it strange that they are going all in on their hentai line with one title a month in the pipeline. I would have thought that that would have been the hardest to get sales for given current technological realities. Perhaps the licenses were very cheap.

I noted in passing that Robert's Anime Corner Store recently covered this too, but I noticed  a discrepancy between the RACS post (a few days old) and the current press release at Media Blasters. Squid Girl Season 2 is no longer on their list of "owned but not being distributed".

This is true on the Meada Blasters PR page and their Facebook page.

I wish they weren't being so koi... I'll just bob about here until they let minnow something"

I don't know if this omission means anything but I allow myself a tenuous hope as their dub of Squid Girl season 1 was superb.

In other news the High School of the Dead manga is re-starting in Dragon Age on April 9th.

Crunchyroll will be streaming the missing episodes of Girls und Panzer on March 28th.

"Panzer VORE!"
"No Saori, the word is VOR...You'll loose your broadcast license if you say vore on the air.
"I don't get it""
"That's 'cause you're a good person."

Gentle readers, if you don't get the joke don't google it.
I wish to God I hadn't.

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The James River Bridge

Replacing the spectacular diesel-punk edifice that preceded it, the new bridge has, since 1983, quietly allowed cars to transit the 4 and a half watery miles between Newport News and Isle of Wight County and ships to proceed up the channel to inland ports such as Richmond, Petersburg and West Point.

Picture taken from Huntington Beach, note that the shark net does nothing to dissuade the ducks.

The original span was considered a major engineering feat in 1928. It is a measure of civilization's progress that today, as a piece of infrastructure, it is fairly unremarkable. It would not be of any note whatsoever were it not for one detail. It has no service lane. It is therefore, one of the last places one wants to see steam jet out from ones hood just as one passes through the draw span.

And yet...there it was, jetting out both sides of the hood in utter defiance of all that is decent and proper. Recalcitrant steam, sadistic steam, steam that, like a spoiled and entitled female bully, chooses the most hurtful time and manner in which to make her cruel and demoralizing vituperation. Moreover it was doing this in MY engine compartment.

I had about 4 miles to go before I could pull over. The temperature gauge was rapidly moving towards the red. To break down on a bridge shutting down traffic during rush hour would ensure a ticket and I'd be taken to a mechanic wayy out in Isle of Wight county. So I kept going as the interior filled with the acrid smell of anti-freeze and the steam billowed past my window at an alarming rate...until it billowed no more, which was rather more alarming.  Moments later the heater began to blow cold air and I knew I was done..fortunately I was approaching the top of the second rise in the bridge, which services pleasure craft and fishing vessels that moor up the Pagan river. So I gunned it for a moment, cut the engine and put the car in neutral as I reached the top.

By the time I was where I could pull off I was going about 5 mph which meant I was followed by a lot of VERY irate people, who, like me, were avoiding a major auto wreck in the bridge tunnel and were already driving 30 miles out of their way.  I pulled over, waited for the car to cool, put in all my drinking and bug out water and tried to find the leak, albeit to no avail. There was a trickle coming out but I could not find the source of the  leak so my duct tape was worthless. I drove to a truckstop and bought a lot of water (no sense in leaving a trail of antifreeze for 30 miles) and ran the heater all the way back. There was no huge jet of steam this time but there was a constant faint cloud billowing up from the hood. When my heater blew cold I knew it was time to pull over, wait for cool-down and refill the car. At each stop I searched in vain for the source of the leak.

I finally made it to the mechanic just as they closed. I just got a call a few minutes ago. It turns out that there is a small coolant hose behind a metal panel under the engine block, which I gather has not been changed since 1982. I should get the car back tomorrow.

...and now you know about the James River Bridge.

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March 09, 2013

Midterms are Done

Well, Wednesday night I got in after 11pm after the crazy, cold, wet car problem mentioned below. I fiddled about for a bit getting ready for work, went to work, got out 2 hours late went in to take my pre-calculus midterm and promptly forgot what numbers are. I don't have my grade yet but I don't feel good about it. Fortunately this class isn't as exam weighted in its grades as most.

The other exams went OK.

There's only one grade I've actually gotten back. The Japanese midterm was an even greater worry than the math. I missed a lot of classes early on and was struggling, so I went to class yesterday with some trepidation.

I got a 100. A one with two zeroes behind it. I don't know when I've ever gotten a 100 on an actual exam, "A's" yes but perfect? Certainly not in Japanese. Even better, the instructor decided to let me make-up the assignments I'd missed so I've gone from hanging on for dear life to sitting pretty in my hardest class, which at 6 credits a huge chunk of my semester GPA.  Happy day.

It's unseemly for southern gentlemen to gloat or emote so I'll just let these two young ladies convey my sentiments on the matter.

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March 07, 2013

I Paid $153 Dollars for This Privilage

The parking garages whose construction was used to justify the large increase in parking fees are now reserved for metered parking and faculty. the large garage for the Convocation Center is frequently unusable by students due to sporting events.

Which brings us to this.

One of the few remaining parking lots available to students at ODU.

Moments after this picture was taken my radiator hose broke.

Moments after began to sleet.

3 hours after discovering just how awkwardly placed a Cressida's aft radiator hose is....I got home.

It's been one of those days. I may not get to sleep before 3 hours.

Math egzam 2morrow...ghaaah!

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Malignant Jackassery

Over at Colleen Doran's Facebook page it is mentioned that someone is making the claim that they contributed creatively to her book (A Distant Soil ) and have had credit denied them.


Reading this post it is clear to me that I know the person in question. He worked in her mail room. I know this because I worked briefly in the mail room. I know this because he was briefly a business partner of mine and I spent a decade paying off the bills he left me with. I know this because he tried to frame a friend of mine for Kiddie Pr0n. (Read the whole thing.)

As far as I know the only contribution he made to the comic book was applying zipatone (badly), packing boxes, running a table at conventions and a lot of unwelcome drama. He was fired primarily for passing himself off as a creative contributor. This was a highly dishonorable and quite deliberate act. His termination was over a decade ago.

I'm not going to name the fink unless he attempts something else, but as  my friend found out to his dismay, this fellow has a nasty habit of holding grudges and acting on them in a potentially very destructive and always quite passive aggressive manner. He is exceedingly good at passing himself off as harmless and likeable. He is neither.

So let me state that if you've encountered the claim that an affable, seemingly innocent fan is an uncredited contributor to A Distant Soil it is not in any way true and the gentleman's affability is an astoundingly convincing mask concealing a dark dark soul. 

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March 06, 2013


Exam day. I have no time but there is a full-on old-fashioned filibuster going on now.

This is a really compelling speech.

It may well be a historic one.

Senator/Doctor Paul is going to talk till he drops, or the President states categorically that he rejects drone strikes on American citizens. More here.

C-Span feed here.

"...are signature strikes going to be the standard for law enforcement?"

Interestingly, Drudge posts a headline with just the correct amount of hype.

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March 05, 2013

Exam Week

Midterms are upon me.
I have nothing, and will likely have nothing until Friday or Saturday.

As compensation for this, here is some publicity art for Yamato 2199 which I post with some trepidation as the LAST bit of Yamato 2199 cheesecake somehow caused a bit of consternation. Apologies in advance gentle readers for any distress.

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Contributing to the Delinquincy of a Minor

For some time now, I've noted that my 13 month old niece really likes my red T-shirt for some reason. Seeng me in it brings a big smile to her face. As a result, I've kept it handy and only worn it when she shows up.

You can imagine my horror when my sister relayed to me that my niece recently identified her colors as blue, green, yellow and "Unc".

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March 02, 2013

Oh yeah.... Anime

Usagi Drop is no longer available on Crunchyroll, but it is available for purchase on DVD.
This is an impressive release with the 4 dvd only episodes, and an artbook.

To my considerable dismay, Squid Girl Season 2 (volume 3 of the DVD) seems to be cancelled. This is old news but I'd missed it. I'm not the only one. At least one other person I know was still expecting a March release.

It seems it was cancelled about two weeks after the release date was announced back in November.

I'm not watching any of the new shows at the moment. The season is a total  bust for me. However, between school and work, I am currently watching the 1978 version of Captain Harlock on Crunchyroll.  I've never seen the whole thing all the way through, and it turns out that at least some of what I saw was  from a featurette that cut out a lot.

For sometime, I've been preparing (and deleting...and preparing) a review of the first 10 eps. of Yamato 2199. Now it turns out that she show, (which heretefore has been released only  theatrically and on DVD) will start airing in Japan this spring, about a year earlier than previously announced.

This is one to look forward too. It's a surprisingly thoughtful and well paced show.

Additional Yamato related cheesecake below the fold.

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Don is Mocking my Dulcimer

...with some contraption that looks like someone crossed a xylophone and a zither to produce some bizarre and unnatural hybrid.

More importantly, in the first video over there there is a dude with a saw...It is a worthy video indeed.

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March 01, 2013

I Hear Tell That The World Ends Today

Oh well.  I guess I don't need to go to work.

UPDATE: Oh noes! School's still there! I've got to go to it! I've got to take a test IN it! What good is this damned sequester anyway?

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